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musicianThe song has a special meaning for us. Therefore, we intend to use this site as a study of music portal, to try to understand the most relevant aspects that exist on the subject, since the study of musical scales to more advanced concepts. Music improvisation is done to create a ground time during play or musical playback until there is no doubt, is not it? For such virtuosity, the musician needs to practice much control of matters concerning Tthe musical scales and tones, as mentioned previously. If you are completely dominated this topic, the musician’s reasoning work responding with much reflection and accuracy, which can give a very pleasant feeling to the listener. For this, the musician must develop your ear, and it requires much training. Train technical know a lot of people, but to train the ear few know how to do. It takes practice and dedication to get sony achieve this goal of having a good ear, since this feature is not simple, as it involves a physical fitness complicated control. However, we have not mentioned the difficulty of mastering the scales and tonalities. In addition to the natural hues, there are exotic shades. How to create solos and arrangements in these contexts it requires more practice, which is why we will use this site to try to explain these concepts.


Before, this site was designed to reviews of music, but now it has changed owners and will address concepts of music theory, no relation to the former articles of the former owners. We don’t have¬†the contacts of such persons, we only buy the domain. Thank you for understanding.


Surely you already has studied music and has much to contribute to our growth, then soon make available a means of contact and sending support material. Questions about music theory will be very welcome.

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