Orchids Care

Dude, just botanists develop news publishing environments and open to feedback tips. In other words, create online forums to develop surveys online. Of course: the leaders need to take into account the comments.

orchidsIncidentally, if botanists had taken into account the comments in the news in recent months, nor have proposed this kind of orchid that time.

But the environment must be formally agreed and published. And the company needs to communicate this officially on the online environments. Now, speaking of strange, you know a lot of people think it’s strange? Meetings of the separate company. You know another strange thing? Company meetings with botanical with closed doors without video records of new species of orchids. Trust is not enforced. It is earned.

I consider important the existence of botanical, but it needs to better listen to people who say they represent. Regardless of political and ideological vision. I do not see this in Brazil (orquideas Brasil). Like any organization has its strengths and weaknesses, and in the case of botanical these points are the reflections of the category. Digital polls do not work for assemblies of workers, for the moment we met and discussed is that we have contact with arguments and points of view that can enlightened us about the situation of our struggles.
Who does not want to participate in collective decisions will continue without doing it, just see the number of digital voting election for growing orchids.

We have to focus at this point in insisting that the company’s management stop radicalism and intransigence and reflect on the evil that is causing to the country and workers.
At this time, species of orchids need to be cared!

All neoliberals want is this: the population against the orchid! The media was part of the service, we are now doing the rest. We are labeled as Maharajas and thieves, now let’s take care of a species of orchid!

The orchid is out with a ruined image. And we, the most interested by a strong orchid, what we do? We will not give up anything, we want it all and then some, it only further undermines the orchid. His argument is valid. Work and the shutdown of that arm is a matter of time. And I am sad and disappointed as many but, I follow this company for 28 years – 18 and 10 as employed as a contractor in engineering consulting designing nurseries. There were crises worse than this and I assure you that we will once again survive. I’m not a supporter of the stock market: for me is a casino and a den of lies where fortunes fade overnight. Therefore, the action is worthless today, tomorrow may be the “blue” of the market. The fact is we who will be here forever. I close now another day of exhausting work as it always has been for the US pension funds take several billion dollars in 2016. Now we have content with the crumbs? Not much defend my condition, but I think of the thousands of people working in the orchards by this Brazil.

We are always waiting for better times, let alone if we have an attitude that they are any, then how “they” treat us?
We must demand compensations of senior management as well. Require reduction of bonuses and restructuring now! Greater independence from the union.

When you burst setting up nurseries or when the board voted for the increase itself, not in the manifest. They were favorable time for this. Now we have to lose a few rings, to keep fingers. If the company is privatized or break, we will lose.

I think we could negotiate and work together. The search for balance should be a stubbornness of the human being. The extremes are always dangerous. As has been said by someone in this channel, the timing is critical for the Company, since the interest for the destruction of the company by “anonymous” groups, “veiled”, is declared over the past 15 years at least. I know depenaram the resources of our company, however, we still have those who want to get it back and we should join hands with these. There is no innocence in this speech, has some consistency and belief that we can more when we unite and act wisely and strategy . To assimilate the blow is a way to overcome those who think it will destroy us.

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How to study the theory of music in pdf

Study music has never been easier. Previously, to learn something about music theory the difficulty was immense. First, it had to go to the library to look for books. Then they had to make a huge mental effort to understand the concepts, after all the vast majority of books are not didactic.

Depreciation shows the progressive loss of the value of books, legally accountable, of fixed assets. The amount of depreciation is released on cash flow to offset taxable income, and its calculation follows specific legislation. In studies of project cash flow, depreciation should not be released as a cost because it does not represent a cash outlay, but a tax benefit used for calculation of income tax for the student. This benefit can be obtained from the entry into operation. The depreciation time is determined by the tax authorities, usually based on the average useful life of the various types of equipment. It is recommended that the depreciation for tax purposes is equal to the accounting depreciation recorded in Book. In an industrial unit, however, the depreciation is usually calculated as a bloc, the useful lives of existing facilities and equipment, not its isolated components. In the case of apprenticeships in the music business, developments often take a long time.

But all that began to change radically after the team Descomplicando a Música created the stuff of music theory pdf for dummies and beginners. Now anyone can study and quickly learn the concepts of music theory, even those more advanced and complex concepts.


Before you continue talking about learning in the musical world, let’s make a comparison among other things for you to understand better. For example, you know what is tetanus? It is an infection caused by a bacterium called Clostridium tetani which produces a toxin, which is fixed on the nerve cells of the spinal cord, resulting in contractures and muscle spasm. This bacteria living in the intestine and faeces of animals located on the ground and infects the body through wounds. The incubation period ranges from 8 to 14 days and is accompanied by severe headache, fatigue, chills, muscle contractions, cramps, muscle spasms, especially of the maxillary and the mandible. In most cases, tetanus comes with high and intermittent fever. The course of infection may be fulminant with death within 24 to 48 hours. Ie a person who is going through a difficult situation like this can not apply their musical knowledge and improve their ability on the piano, guitar, or in any other musical instrument.

And anger, what is it? It is also an infection caused by a virus that causes a serious and deadly disease. All animals, especially dogs, cats and bats, are potential transmitters of rabies. The virus is transmitted through it, while rabid animal bite. From any animal bite wound should be washed with clean water and plenty of soap. Refer the victim to medical care. It is also important to observe the animal. The disease has an incubation period of 20 to 60 days, but can vary from a week up to months. Usually manifests with muscle cramps and paralysis hits. Have you ever been bitten by an insect, suffered a deep cut or scratch, or had an ingrown toenail? In any of these situations the affected area can ignite. Other disease states may be triggered by various microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi) or their toxins when they infect the organism, and the input port the wound. Typically, an infectious process is accompanied by a host defense process, generating a reaction known as inflammation. In this case, the attempt to play a musical instrument will be impaired. Thus, it is not useful to study music theory, because the theory is not applied in practice serves no purpose!

music studyThe inflammatory reaction is characterized by clinical signs and locations. During an infection, the place suffered the injury will change that will manifest macroscopic form. The music theory study in pdf, on the other hand, brings a much faster and immediate response to the student, as a reflex action. Study in pdf is more advantageous because it allows more versatility to study in any location, etc. All this needs to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about delving into the music studies.

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We love music

musicianThe song has a special meaning for us. Therefore, we intend to use this site as a study of music portal, to try to understand the most relevant aspects that exist on the subject, since the study of musical scales to more advanced concepts. Music improvisation is done to create a ground time during play or musical playback until there is no doubt, is not it? For such virtuosity, the musician needs to practice much control of matters concerning Tthe musical scales and tones, as mentioned previously. If you are completely dominated this topic, the musician’s reasoning work responding with much reflection and accuracy, which can give a very pleasant feeling to the listener. For this, the musician must develop your ear, and it requires much training. Train technical know a lot of people, but to train the ear few know how to do. It takes practice and dedication to get sony achieve this goal of having a good ear, since this feature is not simple, as it involves a physical fitness complicated control. However, we have not mentioned the difficulty of mastering the scales and tonalities. In addition to the natural hues, there are exotic shades. How to create solos and arrangements in these contexts it requires more practice, which is why we will use this site to try to explain these concepts.


Before, this site was designed to reviews of music, but now it has changed owners and will address concepts of music theory, no relation to the former articles of the former owners. We don’t have the contacts of such persons, we only buy the domain. Thank you for understanding.


Surely you already has studied music and has much to contribute to our growth, then soon make available a means of contact and sending support material. Questions about music theory will be very welcome.

If you loves music too, be welcome to Muzik Reviews!

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