Duffy Kane - Our Reverb Nation Featured Artist 

Duffy Kane Website

Genre: Blues / Rock / Americana

Sounds Like: Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Jimi Hendrix Experience Official Page, Brad Paisley

Label: Independent

Manager: Charlotte Quinn, Q Entertainment, LLC

Duffy Kane looks like one tough hombre in is publicity shot and that may be true but if you listen to his music you know straight away that one picture does not define a man. It is the music of Kane that makes him. The sounds of Blues, Americana and Rock will come pouring out your speakers like a raging river, just hang on and hope you can stay afloat! Diversity rules the roost with the music of Mr. Kane and that is what got him his place on our site. He does it all very well.

Artist Bio:

Duffy Kane is a man who has found his way, from being called "the best Texas Blues player since Stevie Ray Vaughan" to a "larger than life guitar man". Playing from the ground up, Kane's rockin' Texas blues and Danny Gatton'esque Americana is delivered with ferocity, heart, and conviction.

Born in the music rich atmosphere of Western Pennsylvania, Duffy was surrounded with the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Country, and Classical, all of which contributed strongly to his musical foundation. As a child, he couldnt wait to get his hands on the old beat up guitar that sat in the corner. "I still feel that way about the guitar. I cant wait to get my hands on it" says Kane.

After paying his dues working in some of the Baltimore areas best bands, Duffy embarked on a solo career that would take him from the east coast to the west throughout much of the 1990s. Keeping a grueling 250 a night year schedule, Duffy played festivals and on stages with blues greats such as Big Jack Johnson, Tino Gonzales, Johnny Winter, Debbie Davies, Sonny Rhodes, The Nighhawks, Smokey Wilson, and Koko Taylor just to name a few.

In 1996, Duffy recorded his first studio album "Let Your Insides Do the Talking" at Sixteenth Avenue Sound in Nashville, TN with Brian D. Hardin who produced Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Daniels among many other great artists. Next came a live recording followed by two more studio albums, "Promised Land" in 2009 and "The Holy Ghost" in 2010. Duffy Kane has been heralded as the hottest Texas blues player on the east coast today and a man you dont want to follow on stage.
The word that best describes his music is "passion". He is engrossed in every performance and plays each one like it will be his last. Passion; with every phrase, pausing only to dig down harder and deeper to offer up more of the sounds of his soul, Kane plays with uncommon urgency and continually succeeds in delivering his message: passion for his music, his audience, and...above all...for America which has given him the wealth of musical heritage from which he draws.

American jazz, blues, country, classical, Spanish and Gypsy influences have all found their way into the hands of Duffy Kane who is emerging as a master in his own right, amazing audiences with every appearance.

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