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Genre: Rock / Progressive / Alternative 

Members: Michelle (Vocals), Scott (Guitar), Aeon (Bass), David (Keys) and Pat (Drums)

Sounds Like: Fair to Midland, Flyleaf, 30 Seconds to Mars, System of a Down, Lacuna Coil

Glass Delirium seem to have everything in place for success. They are powerful, poignant, exude sex appeal at the front of the band with exceptional vocals and it's all backed by outstanding musicianship. There is not much else to consider when a band seeks success. To find that elusive success is another matter. With so many bands for people to listen to these days it takes a lot to get noticed. We acknowledge the prowess of Glass Delirium, they are the kind of band that has thier chops down and are ready to set the world on fire! Tell everyone you know about this band and help them make their way to the top of the mountain!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-Founder

January 11, 2013


Artist Bio:

Since conception, Glass Delirium has been exploring the depths of what it means to create. They are a progressive alternative rock band with roots in classical, jazz, pop, metal, and soundtracks. Vocalist Michelle leads this dynamic group with a diverse edge, teeter-tottering between the sultry and the powerhouse. She is driven by the atmospherically technical duality of guitarist Scott and pianist David, and supported by the rigid rhythmic manipulation of Aeon on bass and Pat on drums. Crafting a marriage between the marketable and the experimental, every song they write spins a web of individuality that radiates passion and pulls you by your heartstrings deeper into the stylistic niche they have developed.

Glass Delirium takes pride in their stage productions and their ability to captivate a spectator in an extended moment of passion. These events are renowned by fans and executives alike for their ability to capture the essence of the art, promote beauty within chaos, and extend a universal unity amongst all who participate. High demand for this entrancing elegance keeps Glass Delirium on their feet, whether they are supporting national artists or headlining, at home or abroad.

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