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Give This A Try In Mexico
By Larry Cox
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Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood — the virtues that made America. - Teddy Roosevelt


Give, on a topic that completely infuriated me, but also inspired me to write on this same topic. While this subject is an old story, its ramifications on our daily lives are far-reaching — and in blunt terms, a major pain in the keister.

It is no secret that illegal aliens from Mexico have been entering the U.S. ever since the conception of immigration laws. We now actually have generations of illegal families residing within our borders. However, they have been increasingly saturating our land of the free, at an alarming rate over the past decade, mainly abundant in California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona — but are rapidly spreading across the country as well.

Statistics are not clear, as it is extremely difficult to keep accurate records on illegal immigration. However, the INS has estimated that between 500,000 and 1.2 million illegal aliens have infiltrated the U.S. each year since 1996 — eighty percent of those being from Mexico. The Border Patrol estimated that in 2001 alone over 1.5 million unlawful immigrants crossed into America, in what is known as the Tucson Sector — only one of many incursion points. The foot traffic is so heavy that the scrubland has the entire ambience of a landfill, complete with the unforgiving scent that such a facility has to offer. The terrain is littered deep with bottles, cans, soiled diapers, sanitary napkins, clothes, human feces, and everything else that goes with daily living.

Conjointly, this large illegal population creates an active market for illegal documents, along with many other illicit practices undertaken by both the illegals themselves, and our country folk who prey on taking advantage of the benefits of the presence of illegal immigrants.

Now, I have no problem whatsoever with folks legally migrating to the United States, in search of a better life — the ever-illusive American Dream. Let’s face it; such immigration not only improves the lives of those longing for that proverbial baseball-and-apple pie utopia, but our lives as well. Culture is a beautiful thing, and sharing cultures is even more wonderful.

I truly embrace the Spanish-Mexican culture — the history, cuisine, architecture, language, etc. I even find my non-Spanish-speaking self dwelling on the Spanish-speaking networks, as I channel-surf, just to listen to that beautiful language rolling off of their tongues.  And, It doesn’t get much better than sitting in an open-air adobe and tile cantina in Cabo San Lucas. Sipping on a margarita, and dining on a delectable dish of huevos rancheros — as the mariachi strum, trumpet, and serenade. However, I play by the rules from the moment that I set foot onto the soil of the mestizos. And for what this great country of ours provides, to those who seek its freedoms, the same respect and compliance should be revered by all who enter its borders.

Ergo, after having made all of my notes, and researching countless statistics, I thought long and hard about this subject — and I began thinking. What if we started going into Mexico and began conducting ourselves in the way that the illegals have carried on in our country?
Therefore, having set my stage, let us begin. Put on your let’s-see-if-we-can-make-this-work-in-Mexico thinking cap. Ready? Now, If you think you could pull this off, give this a try in Mexico:

Go ahead and enter Mexico illegally. Don't worry about their immigration laws, a passport, international laws, or any of that crazy senselessness that would infringe upon your rights as an illegal alien there. However, if they do infringe, expect there to be a supportive helping hand that stands up for your rights to be there.
Yes, sneak into Mexico, and take a drive down through the country with a van full of fourteen of your friends and family members, all of whom, like you, are illegal. And make sure that van is not properly registered, nor insured. Don't worry about getting stopped by the police, however, because you know that the immigration system that is in place in Mexico has no interest in you when the officer calls and informs them of your unauthorized presence (Oh wait, that’s here in the United States. In Mexico you can look forward to years in prison, or worse).

Once you arrive, demand that the local Mexican governments provide free medical care for you and your entire family. Be sure to insist on bilingual doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel — as well as expecting copies of all of their forms in English.
Be fruitful and multiply bountifully, even if you can not afford to do so, and then expect the Mexican government to provide affordable housing, assistance, subsistence, and certainly no resistance.

Insist that free copies of all national, and local, government forms be made available to you in English. Rest assured that there will be an army of individuals lobbying for you on every level of government, trying to help you attain your inalienable rights in a land where you don’t belong.
Expect, and take for granted, that every time you place a telephone call, you will be greeted, and provided with a menu of options, in English. The same goes for ATM's, and other modes of business, or government communication.

Be overtly proud of your American heritage, to a fault, and keep your American identity overtly distinguishable. Display the Stars & Stripes from everywhere imaginable — your windows, automobile bumpers, clothing, and in any other high-profile location. Demand your rights to celebrate American holidays, and expect the Mexican government to officially recognize them. Demand that the Mexican government provide free venues at which to celebrate, complete with quality police protection to be sure that your festivities proceed unhindered. Count on the Mexican government to take action against anyone who would try to suppress any of these rights.

Speak only English at home and in public, and assert that your family members do the same. Expect there to be employees everywhere you go that speak English. The same goes for the schools, and teachers, but then also demand that they make special provisions to teach your children Spanish as well. Also, insist upon classes on American culture be taught in the Mexican school system.

Insist that national, and local, Mexican law enforcement agencies teach English to their
officers, and provide English versions of all of their associated paperwork, along with translators, so that you have a clear idea of what is happening to you during your constitutionally protective contact with the police.

Count on the Mexican courts to provide you with a translator, and a free attorney, in order that you may smoothly navigate your way through their fair and impartial court system. Expect that your case stands an excellent chance of being dismissed, because you will be seen as a poor minority victim that has fallen prey to a biased system, and because the judge is up for re-election, and needs the votes of legal citizens who share your ethnicity.

Demand a Mexican driver's license, even though you can not speak Spanish, nor read the road signs. This in itself will also bestow you with other legal rights, which will take you to the limits in validating your unwarranted, and illegitimate, inhabitance of Mexico. Or better yet, drive around with no driver's license, no liability insurance and ignore local traffic laws, and expect the officer to just let you be on your way, because all you can say to him is “no hable español.”
I could go on and on, but I believe that I have made my point. If you were to set out and attempt such an endeavor, I think that you would be waiting for the rest of your life, or soon lose it, before Mexico would even consider entertaining your wishes.

Only in the United States does such folly receive an open-arms welcome. Amnesty….. hah! I loath the practice for criminals who had the freedom to choose not to commit their crimes, and I have no better taste in my mouth when that practice is used in conjunction with illegal immigration from Mexico — especially when it is used to sweeten approval ratings, and attract voters. Such practice is nothing more than a ground out cigarette upon the grave of every American that ever fought for the freedoms afforded in this land of ours. Shame on our leaders for proliferating a way of life that has nothing positive to offer their citizens — countrymen who live within the confines of the laws which those leaders have been sworn to support and uphold.

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