Featured Artist: Mahogany Head Grenade

Genre: Instrumental / Rock / Experimental 


Hometown: Dallas, TX 

When is the last time you heard an orginal band name like Mahogany Head Grenade? Sounds like it would be a very expensive bomb to me. You have been warned, you town, country and the internet are being invaded by an instrumental rock band for Dallas! If you enjoy quality musicianship, a bit of shredding, and bands like Liquid Tension Experiment or guitar gods like Joe Satriani, well, you will love this band!

When you hear the explosion of "Venetian Bricks," no that is not a typo, we are not talking about Venetian Blinds, you will be sent to your own interplanetary invasion of the two hemispheres located in your cranium.

Now you can tell everyone you know that you listen to a cool band named Mahogany Head Grenade and the music is just as far out, mind blowing and hard rockin' metal madness as anything that has put a dent in the worldwide music community lately. Get ready for some mind melting shredding!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-Founder

July 13, 2013


Artist Bio:

Mahogany Head Grenade, "Home Grown Progressive InstraMETAL for Your Head". Formed in June 2011, Mahogany Head Grenade delivers virtuosic musicianship combined with accessible yet theoretically charged writing. In combining a live power trio 'organic and alive' sound with historical audio samples, all triggered in real time, the end result is something that is truly unique and memorable.

Mike, James and Dan spent years playing professionally with other bands, such as Stranger, Blind Rage, 5 Story Dive, Soulskin, etc., but ultimately found this project best suited for their artistic vision.

“This Texas-based band is a trio that plays Progressive Metal, but often sounds much larger than a three piece. I was pretty much instantly hooked by their sound – not just the Metal, but the approach to songwriting and their compositions. ” —  Harley, 

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