Molly Cherryholmes - Our Reverb Nation Featured Artist 

Molly Cherryholmes Website

Genres: Rock / Techno Rock / Alternative/Country

Members: Molly Cherryholmes; Album Band: Molly Cherryholmes, BJ Cherryholmes, Josh Swift

Sounds Like: Ambrosia, Muse, Imogen Heap, Linkin Park

Label: Independent

Manager: C.I. Media (Corporation Insania, Independent)

Molly Cherryholmes is one of those bands that gets your attention because they are different. Their sound is unique, and how often do you hear someone say that these days? It's mighty rare indeed.

Their sound is a mixed bag and a good one at that. The elements of rock are taken, stirred up, moved around, and down right jostled to perfection and what you get is a hybrid of rock, techno and just enough country with Molly's fiddle to put them over the edge into unknown territory for the general listener. Make no mistake this band may not be for everyone but if you are open to a different sound and like any of the above mentioned genres then give this act a shot, you will not be sorry!

Artist Bio:

Though this up and coming artist may be new on the electronic rock scene, Molly Cherryholmes is no stranger to the music industry. She has been in the forefront of the professionial entertainment business for 13 years. With five GRAMMY nominations(including Instrumental Performance/Composition), and numerous performances on her resume', Molly has created a name for herself as a multi talented instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter at the age of only 20.

She had a special attraction to music as a child, and coming from Los Angeles, California, she was surrounded by various genres. Born into a musical family, she began picking up different instruments around her home. At age 6, she became serious about learning the violin.

In 1999, she started with acoustic/ roots music based band, Cherryholmes, and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. The band began to tour heavily, both nationally and abroad- from playing festivals like Bonnaroo and Cambridge Folk Festival (England), to fronting symphony orchestra concerts nationwide. In 2005, Molly and the other bandmates earned their first GRAMMY nomination for their first all original album.

Between touring, writing, and working in the studio, Molly was building her own musical resume. She entered onto the Nashville sessions scene, writing, arranging, and producing for other artists. She had since added octave violin, viola, cello, and piano to her instrumental repertoire, branching out into a variety of studio sessions and performances, becoming more diverse and prominent as an individual artist and performer.

In early 2011, the group decided to disband, and Molly immediately started her career in a new musical direction. She released the internet EP, "Corporation Insania," in June 2011, and immediately went back into the studio to work on her first full length album, to be released in Fall 2012. Her musical influences carry the sounds of 80's production rock crossed with the dynamics of rock in the modern age. With this high powered show, showcasing Molly's musical, lyrical, and energetic performance skills, along with the 1201 band's tight arrangements and instrumentality, this artist will definitely have your utmost attention in the crowd.

"I am first and foremost a performer and a musician," Molly says. "I believe in the power of a high energy, entertaining show, and I will continue to write and arrange music with that in mind."

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