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David Davenport Releases Third Indie Rock CD Nine
March 1, 2011-Chicago, Illinois- David Davenport recently released his third studio album titled Nine. The indie release is on Davenport’s own Big Rock label. As expected, the recording is a fine mixture ranging across roots rock, Americana, blues, piano driven folk and hook-laden pop rock that takes you on a memorable ride punctuated by Davenport’s warm and expressive vocal style.
Nine features, you guessed it, nine tracks. However, the title actually stems from his fascination with the mathematical quirkiness of the number nine, a subject on which he will gladly expound should you wish to understand it more deeply. Likewise, there is a deeper current running through his album while he manages to preserve an overall lean aspect to the music. Listeners of all ages and persuasions can jump right into the music of David Davenport realizing straight away there is no secret meaning to discern, and discover a good cross section of genres coupled with palatable lyrics.
Tracks like “Just Yesterday” remind you of another hit maker in 70’s named Elton John, with its easy going sing along piano rock atmosphere that seemingly come flowing forth enveloping you in its vibe. “Transition Man” is a great driving rock song that allows listeners an opportunity to understand why the artist’s voice is the focal point of the album and the music acts a supporting foundation that pushes along each story.
Nine features the unmistakable vocals and keyboards of David Davenport and the stellar support of band members Keith Skooglund and Brian Adams (guitars), Jack Helsley and Colin Roegiers (bass), and Jamey Reid and Derek Abrams (drums). David also sat in the production chair for the release proving that he is an all around performer. He worked with sound engineers David Weber and Daryll Hurst to mix his recorded music into a final product that makes a strong impression upon first listen.
David Davenport’s music has no barriers and the eclectic base of sound he offers his listeners keeps Nine fresh and inviting to anyone with a taste for good music.
David will be playing a series of dates in Illinois from March to April to promote Nine. Visit David’s interactive website to get details and enjoy the multitude of media options that all music lovers enjoy.
Company: Big Rock
Contact: Jenna Crawford         
Tel: 309-533-0121
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