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Boston, MA-December 4, 2012-Longtime online indie music review zine is partnering with a new in print and online bi-monthly magazine called Fabricoh. Both sites have similar styles and beliefs in the way things should be presented. The digital age has its advantages if utilized properly however when it comes to new music and bands that do not get the exposure they deserve, it takes a little extra effort to get the word out. Both sites believe that combining the old with the new is the best road to travel.
Fabricoh translated from Latin, means to create, to fashion, to forge something where there was nothing before. That is the intent of both sites and the partnership they are building will create just that. The new indie magazine believes in the things that are tangible such as vinyl LP’s and CDs and has always supported indie and major artists in all formats through their reviews. The match up was perfect.
The first issue of Fabricoh is set to launch in mid-January and it will feature stories, interviews, and reviews of artists that not only deserve the spotlight but are given an open forum to discuss their history and their music. The magazine will feature reviews from their own staff and those from as well.
The two sites have also combined to offer indie artist a great opportunity for a guaranteed placement of a review in the magazine and on both websites. And there are many more exciting services and offerings in the works prior to the first launch. The very first issue of Fabricoh will include the download of a sampler titled “The Shortlist.” Indie artists are encouraged to submit an MP3 of their best track for inclusion to the maiden sampler at the Fabricoh dropbox set up on Soundcloud. has been online since 1998 with over 2.300 reviews on the site and over 600 other pages that offer concert reviews, giveaways, articles and more. Fabricoh intends to leverage all of those years of experience to help indie artists and grow their new magazine. It will be distributed on a global platform and the site is taking pre orders for subscriptions currently and featuring recent reviews.
There is a lot of excitement in the air right now in the world of indie music and one of the pioneers of the online media world is joining forces with the young and vibrant to form a partnership that will be creating new inroads to helping independent music.
Contact: Keith Hannaleck
Location: Boston, MA
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