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Audio Fidelity Release Stevie Wonder and Laura Nyro Classic Recordings on Gold Discs
Culver City, CA-July 15, 2010-Marshall Blonstein and Audio Fidelity has just released another dynamite double shot of gold discs. The Stevie Wonder classic Talking Book (1972) and Laura Nyro’s prolific rendering of timeless tracks Time and Love: The Essential Masters (2000).
Both recordings stand as landmarks for the artists and now with the 24 karat gold rendering of the music, audiophile’s will be singing the praises of the Audio Fidelity specialized limited edition pressings once again.
Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book was an excellent choice to bring to the 24 karat gold format. It was released during a five year period now referred to as his “classic period”. And indeed it was, spinning out monster tracks like “You Are The Sunshine of My Life” and “Superstition”. The string of hits gave Wonder an incomparable crossover appeal. With elements of pop, funk, jazz, and rock, Talking Book just became more desirable, due to the outstanding remastering from the original source tapes. The album is equally powerful sonically yet it maintains its original warmth and appeal, sacrificing nothing while giving you the best possible quality for every track.
To make the package more enticing Audio Fidelity has included the original Braille message from Stevie in the CD booklet. The message has not been available in any version of the release until now.
Similarly Laura Nyro released a best of compilation to please her fan base while gathering more along the way, Time and Love: The Essential Masters is the quintessential Nyro collection dedicated to gold disc to accentuate the sheer power and emotion of an artist known for her igniting an entire generation of female vocalists. By melding so many genres together Nyro basically created her own that would be emulated countless times over the ensuing years.
Time and Love: The Essential Masters compiles Nyro's distinctive renditions of sixteen of her most famous songs and lesser known tracks including the breathtaking “Stone Soul Picnic” and an incredibly soulful version of “Eli’s Comin’” plus many more that will send a chill up your spin and leave you wanting for more.
Both albums are classics of their generation while holding their own to this day for production, sonics, musicianship and writing, Each release is a numbered limited edition and they are expected to disappear very quickly due to the ongoing popularity of the music and artists.
Contact: Marshall Blonstein
Company: Audio Fidelity/Morada Music
Address: 79 E. Daily Drive #507, Camarillo, CA. 93010
Telephone: (805) 445-6464
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