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Genre: Hip-Hop
Label: The Gateway Label
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1. The Salvage
2. Blackmarket
3. Inanimate Objects
4. Events Unfurling
5. The Bum
6. Foreboding
7. In This Game
8. It's Note Over
9. Nuclear Winter
10. Titles
11. Declaration By Assassination
12. Megalomaniac
13. Modus Operandi
Abnormal and The Mafioso of Murderapolis
The Suffix-Cide

Abnormal and The Mafioso of Murderapolis - The Suffix-cide

The Suffix-Cide is most likely nothing like anything you have ever heard before. This can be a good or a bad thing, and for most of you, this is probably a good thing.
As you might imagine, when reviewing an album, it’s hard not to think about offending the vision of the artist. Sometimes it might be mean, sometimes they might deserve it, and in the rare case of Abnormal and The Mafioso of Muderapolis, they may even thrive off of the negativity that their creation generates.
It’s hard to compare The Suffix-Cide to anything that I am familiar with, but I’ll try. Lyrically it’s quite disturbing, as one would imagine from a genre labeled “Horrorcore”. From a lyrical standpoint, I suppose that you’d want to look towards artists like Insane Clown Posse, or some of the work of Kool Keith and Dr. Octagon. From a musical standpoint, many of the beats are good, but are often intentionally disjointed, I assume to just add to the discomfort of the rest of it. At times this reminded me of some of the beats Antipop Consortium uses.
There are some things I like about this release though. Undoubtedly it takes a different kind of person to listen to the lyrics and not feel uncomfortable with them. Not to mention that most of the songs are sung through vocal effects that make them even more perturbing, but I didn’t hate it. I know this is a resounding statement for this album, but for most people it would be easy to put this CD in and take it out within moments. I found that if I didn’t focus on the content of the lyrics, I was okay with the style, flow, and production. It led me to believe that if Abnormal and The Mafioso of Muderapolis were ever to create something that was more accessible rather than intentionally disturbing, I could enjoy it. Mostly, they certainly seem to be hitting the target on what they want to be doing with The Suffix-Cide, and it’d be interesting to see if they could do the same with something more commercial.
In the end, Abnormal and the Mafioso of Muderapolis don’t want this to be commercial, and they don’t want most of you to like it. They want The Suffix-Cide to disturb you and be disjointed. It most certainly does all of this. Take a listen to the tracks I recommend below to get a taste of what I mean, and by no means should you think about purchasing this without doing so. It’ll certainly require a very unique taste that can listen to it repeatedly.
HOT TRACKS: Inanimate Objects, Events Unfurling, Titles
Kevin Staff
March 28, 2010

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