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Genre: Hip-Hop
Label: Independent
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1. Yup I Agree featuring Dave Patten
2. Brutally Beautiful featuring Rymedy
3. Buttons Unbuttoned featuring Lil Wayne
4. Full Throttle
5. Shape Shifter
6. March Song
7. My Jane
8. When I Take Over featuring Double A
9. Yup I Agree (Club Mix)
Trust Me, I'm A Rapper

Don't judge an album by it's cover, or it's ridiculous name, because while Skip-Dawg is less of a rapper and more of an R&B artist, Trust Me, I'm A Rapper isn't half bad.
Consider that the number one song in America is Usher's “Oh My Gosh”, in which Usher literally sings, “Honey got a booty like pow-pow-pow/baby got some boobies like wow-oh-wow”, and you'll see how Skip-Dawg's lyrics are smart in comparison. “You got a body like 90's J-Lo/I wanna squeeze it like play-do” he sings on “Brutally Beautiful” and on “Shape Shifter” he says, “you're like a flash of lightning/my summer sky's enlightened”.
I'm not sure if Lil Wayne's family owes Skip-Dawg's money, or if Lil Wayne just likes rapping on unknown rappers' albums, but “Buttons Unbuttoned” is easily the most radio-friendly song on the album, though Lil Wayne's lines don't really fit with Skip-Dawg's.
The music on the album is largely auto-tuned, beat-heavy, typical hip-hop, but the hooks are good and catchy, and it keeps the songs moving. It's mixed well, though – the album doesn't sound like an independent release at all. It's fairly professional and polished.
This isn't ground-breaking stuff, but it's not supposed to be. It's consumer hip-hop for dancing, partying, and having fun, and it does what you expect, plus a little more.
Abbey K. Davis – Staff
July 15, 2010
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