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Genre: Acoustic-Rock
Label: Independent
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1. Game
2. How It Feels (To lose a Friend)
3. Breaking the Heart In
4. By the Way
5. That Life
Nick Gill
Nick Gill -EP


Standing against a desolate industrial backdrop, Nick Gill, an 18 year-old pop rock singer songwriter from Fairhope, Alabama stands with his guitar ready to divulge the innermost feelings that an 18 year old would have.
After the release of his second album Through the Straight and Narrow,the singer received airplay on local radio stations and his single “Dawn” rose to the top of the charts on websites like and
The 5 song EP is a pleasant feat, combining minimal accompaniment to Gill’s warm and mature beyond-its-years’ vocal ability. The lyrical structure on the album is also sophisticated with subject matter like regret, loss, and love dealt with great mellowness. Such effort is culminated on the first track “Game” with its calm melancholy permeating the entirety of the track.
“Breaking The Heart In” brings in piano elements that punctuate Gill’s vocals until the crashing influx of drums, percussion, and piano kicks in at the second verse. The track shows that understated production values can still bring in a polished sound to independent releases. “By The Way” starts in an up-tempo, country sound that fits Gill’s abilities like a glove while “How it Feels (to lose a friend)” deals with the aftermath of losing a friend to suicide. 
Overall, Gill’s EP is quite an accomplishment. The singer’s voice is suited to the subject matter on the album, and he doesn’t stray from the sounds that work for him. The lyrical maturity of the album should also get the record some traction. Hopefully, there are more gems to come out of this artist who has now got to deliver consistently to make an impact in an industry filled with guitar wielding singer songwriters.
Stand Out Tracks: Breaking the Heart In, By the Way
Rukshan Thenuwara – Sr. Staff
September 27, 2010
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