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Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
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1. Carry Me Home
2. Believe
3. Falling
4. Touch
5. Innocence
6. Jaded
7. Speak
8. Coletrane
9. Save The World
10. Special
Maddam Ink


In 1982 Billy Joel wrote the song “Allentown”. I was going to go further with that but the curse of Billy Joel’s soft rock radio friendly music has turned my brain to the kind of mush that normally only happens when you listen to too much trance drumming music. Thankfully I have the cure which, by no coincidence, is also from Allentown, PA. Maddam Ink. is not only the cure for bad depressing Billy Joel songs but also for the lag in rock radio today. At the root of Maddam Ink. is a rock machine that churns out riffs bigger than the steel industry was in Pittsburgh in the 1960’s and songs that should be the keystones of FM rock radio.
The best young bands know where the music they play came from and with influences that includes, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix, clearly Maddam Ink is paying attention in their Rock 101 class. These four fine young lads seem ahead of the game with quality of material. Their album has the makings a of great modern rock band that is easily in the realm of today’s popular modern rock scene with the likes of Breaking Benjamin. Songs like the bass heavy “Carry Me Home” to the, god I hate to call it a power ballad but other words fail me and I apologize for that, “Speak”, tell me that this is definitely a group that is worth paying attention too. “Speak”, being one of my favorite songs on the album, shows some excellent depth in song writing by lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter Adam Burke. “Speak”, is followed by “Coletrane” which should be played on the radio now. It’s more likable than 90% of the garbage they play on the radio today. 
The lead singer of a rock band makes the band. Adam Burke is a perfect fit into the world of the lead singer. He has the voice that draws you in like candy to a witch’s house. The band made up of lead guitarist Matt Scott, bass player Steve Benecke, and drummer Kyle Young are the reason that Adam sounds so good. They all blend so well together on songs like “Falling Down” with its chorus and backing vocals and “Innocence” with its dirty deep guitar riff. As long as Adam doesn’t get S.S.S. otherwise known as Scott Stapp Syndrome, which has been known to cause inflated egos and bad rock star video posing, this band has a great chance to make it.
The bottom line is Maddam Ink. is good. They are better than most of the bands out there today and will only get even better with time. Buy the album now so you can say you knew them when they were just Allentown Idols.
Hot Tracks-Speak, Coletrane, Carry Me Home
Doug Morrissey- Staff
September 26, 2010
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