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Genre: New Age-Instrumental
Label: Independent
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1. Together
2. Edge Of Eternal
3. Eyes Of A Child
4. Natural Moment
5. Revelation
6. Imagine
7. Maui Breeze
8. Nirab Amare
9. Hide And Seek
10. Shiva Grove
11. Call To Spirit
12. Humility
Sacred Love Feel The Journey


Shambhu (Sanskrit name meaning “source of happiness”) takes his spiritual journey and sets it to music on Sacred Love Feel The Journey. There is not only music here; the artist has provided a guide through each song to bring the listener to a hopefully blissful ending once the CD stops spinning. The CD book invites you inside with pastels and a rose born out of a globe emanating hundreds of separate sections (kind of like the world itself and all its dimensions). It embodies the world with a sign of peace and love right in the center, a rose. This is the message from Shambhu to the world “go forth with love” and all will be well.
We all wish it was that easy and it probably would be everyone felt that way. There is hope in the music and the power it holds. The music is used as a positive tool which can take things to the next level. I have no doubt that many possibilities are there.
Shambhu plays a beautiful six string throughout this recording and gets support from some of the most recognizable names in the business such as Tony Levin (bass) and Will Ackerman (production). Having that kind of support and backing will guarantee success but you have to deliver the music and that he does in 12 instrumental compositions.
The lush sounds tell each story and the notes in the CD booklet are provided to bring you out to the other side, a guided meditation if you will. I put this on in the morning a few times while getting my work day started and it has does wonders for my attitude. Rather than cranking up some rock tunes and getting all wired I have recently taken the lighter path and it has served me well. Working stress free is much more productive. I somehow think that this music was not meant for people to work along to but you do whatever works for you and if you can use this music as a positive tool then so be it!

There are 12 tracks on this CD and it is put together with the utmost care and professionalism, it is truly a work of art for those seeking enlightenment of any kind through music. I give the artist all the credit in the world for taking time away from his profession to complete his lifelong dream and then share it with those open enough to receive it. Shambhu is a truly blessed individual with a gift he is willing to share with the world.
Sacred Love Feel The Journey is a lesson in self acceptance and the road to peace within and I am glad I found it.

Key Tracks: 
Maui Breeze, Call To Spirit, Revelation
Keith “MuzikMan” Founder
October 25, 2010
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