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Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Circular Records
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1. Sometimes
2. Johnny Got a Raw Deal
3. ASL
4. Life & Strife
The Procession

Sometimes is the first release from the UK-based band, The Procession. The group has been performing at local shows for years, and now they are ready to gain more notoriety.
Album opener and title track, “Sometimes,” has an intro that starts slowly and builds up to screaming guitar riffs. It is a very cool sound. The whole song is enjoyable, with faster guitar work and steady percussion beats. The outro is a bit siren-like.
“Johnny Got a Raw Deal” sounds like it could come have come out of the 80’s punk wave. The lyrics aren’t the most creative, as the title is repeated for most of the song; but the upbeat guitar and echo in the background could certainly provide a fun song to perform with a live audience.
Not to be confused with American Sign Language, the British band’s song “ASL” stands for age, sex, location. The clever play on the acronym in the song represents what people, mostly of a younger age, use on the Internet in chat rooms and to meet others. This song is a little grittier than the other two, both in musicianship and vocals. 
The last song on the EP, “Life & Strife,” starts out a little reminiscent of Supertramp’s “Take the Long Way Home.” The vocals are shaky and the music is slow and dramatic. It borders on being a ballad. Not surprisingly, I could see this song in a Hugh Grant film. It doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the more in-your-face rock tracks, but you can’t say the group doesn’t change things up!
All in all, The Procession is a pretty good band with some nice tunes. If one day they tour in my neck of the woods in the U.S., I’ll definitely be at one of their shows! 

Key Tracks – Sometimes, ASL
Christen LaFond - Contributor
February 19, 2011
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