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Genre: Folk-Rock
Label: My Generation Productions
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1. Ferris Wheel
2. Give It To You
3. Take Me There
4. The Dam
5. Wyld Maiden
6. My Lost Way
7. I Talk To The Wind
8. Anything
9. Love In Transition
10. Maybe
11. Undertow
12. Where There Is Light
13. Worn Out
14. Leave Her
Wyld Olde Souls

Ensoulment - The Wyld Olde Souls 

Folk rock-psychedelic band The Wyld Olde Souls have just released their second album, Ensoulment, after an eleven year hiatus following their debut release in 2000.
This band’s sound, reminiscent of sixties folk music, has produced folk majesties such as the song “Anything.” It is about wanting someone more than anything and that someone has no idea you even exist. The words, “I would’ve done anything, but you couldn’t spare the time,” are quite easy to identify with.
“Wyld Maiden” is a song about holding your “wyld” side in until you’re alone with someone worth bringing it out for. The interesting part of the song is that about halfway through, the vocals and music appear to come to an end for a few seconds but then the music begins again and with a large group singing in the background. The music in the second half is the same except for a Celtic feel that is in the first half of the song but has a slightly more iconic feeling.
Some songs instantly strike a chord with the listener. “Leave Her” is one of those songs. It is about a friend leaving their woman and telling them to keep going on in life and take it lightly. The song is one that is nice and simple with a relaxing atmosphere.
Ensoulment will be more of an enlightenment for many listeners pertaining to what most folk musicians are capable of and what was not left in the sixties. The lyrics, vocals, and music on this album are all at such a high level; why the band waited so long to release a second album is beyond me. I hope they do not wait another decade or so to release a third album.

Key Tracks- Anything, Wyld Maiden, Leave Her
Ashley Arseneau - Staff
 June 20, 2011
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