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Genre: Rock-Blues-Folk
Label: Harmonia Productions
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1. Running On Empty
2. Against All Odds
3. French Blooze
4. All Quiet (On The Eastern Frontier)
Mickey Wynne
Running On Empty

Running On Empty - EP - Mickey Wynne


Based out of Brighton, England, Mickey Wynne is an accomplished musician who has been playing guitar since the age of six. His blend of rock, blues, and folk music makes for a dynamic listening experience. With Gabriel Piers-Mantell (keyboards), Laurie Harriot (bass), and Robbie Hookins (drums) filling out the band, Running On Empty is a four track EP that gives a glimpse into Mickey’s musical wonderland.
“Running On Empty” is a rocking track with a nice groove to it. The folk influences can definitely be heard from the beginning. I do not want to go out of bounds, but Mickey reminds me a bit of Bob Dylan. Maybe he will come to be known as the British counterpart to the American icon? The drums and electric guitar really bring a rock edge to the overall sound. The influences of different genres blend very nicely in this song. The ballad “Against All Odds” brings the tempo down. There is plenty of passion in this song and I sense a small amount of pain. 
“French Blooze” is a dark and sultry song with an atmosphere to match. Though it is a decent enough song, the main issue that I have with this song is the vocals. It sounds like a message from a phone-call recorder with music played to it. Based on the lyrical content, it could be intentional. I’ll let you decide. “All Quiet (On The Eastern Frontier)” is a great way to end the record. It has a distinct sound thanks to the fusion of musical influences. It is a story driven song about survival in an unforgiving environment that lingers.  
Mickey Wynne’s Running On Empty is an enjoyable listen. The talent is undeniable and the way he mixes genres is masterful.  There is so much flair and style in only four songs. A full length album should be excellent. 
Key Tracks: Running On Empty, All Quiet (On The Eastern Frontier)
Brian McKinnon - Staff
December 13, 2011
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