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Genre: Hard Rock
Label: PID
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1. Fight Night
2. Wonderland
3. Mojo Town
4. Angel Station
5. Year of the Gun
6. The Last Stone Rider
7. Steal Yourself
8. Burn Your House Down
9. The Fear
10. Waving Goodbye
Seven Deadly

UFO has been together for 42 years. In that time they have released 20 studio albums. The lineup has changed a bit over the years, but the band today has three original members Phil Mogg ( vocals), Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitars), Andy Parker (drums) and guitar slinger, Vinnie Moore.
It’s not often that I fall in love with an album on the first listen through. But when I do, I know I am in for a journey. That’s exactly what happened when I first listened to UFO’s new release, Seven Deadly.
FYI, the first track “Fight Night” is best played as loud as you can stand it. My pictures were falling off the walls. The biting rhythm guitar part is so infectious. Can’t help but play your air guitar while it’s playing. You will find yourself humming it later, “Tell my friends in ol’ Calcutta, the cat is staying and I’m living in the gutter.”
 “Angel Station” is a beautiful ballad about the loss of a loved one. It has layers of chorused guitars underneath a legion of angelic vocal harmonies. It really makes you feel like your ears are in heaven when you are listening to it.
Seven Deadly ends strong with “Waving Goodbye,” a song with a nice blend of acoustic and electric guitars with a nice side of Hammond B3 organ. It’s the perfect song to end the album because it makes my finger hit the replay button and I start the journey again.
It isn’t hard to pin down what makes Seven Deadly such a great album. The songs are well written, catchy and intelligent, but most of all they have heart. The vocals are simply amazing and that would be enough to make Seven Deadly great, but on top of that are some amazing guitar sounds.
This is a solid rock album. It’s music like this that will keep the Rock genre alive forever.
Key Tracks: Fight Night, Angel Station, Waving Goodbye
Kirk Bullough – Contributor
January 10, 2012
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