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Genre: Jazz-Fusion
Label: Peaceful Vibes
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1. Invocation (feat. Nisha Narsai & Sangeet Mishra)
2. Centering (Alap)
3. Emerging (Jod with Udu) (feat. Gabe Marihugh)Sustaining (Vilambit Gat in Rupak Taal)
4. Embracing (Madhya Gat in Teentaal)
5. Elation (Drut Gat in Teentaal)
6. Transformation (feat. Nisha Narsai & Sheela Bringi)
7. Integration (feat. Nisha Narsai & Sheela Bringi)
Dan Blanchard

Awakening (Raga Bhairav) - Dan Blanchard

Dan Blanchard has been studying Indian music since 2003. He is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist focusing on healing and transformation through Indian classical music with New Age influences. Contributing artists to Awakening include Sheela Bringi, Sangeet Mishra, Gabe Marihugh and Nisha Narsaj.
The album was designed as an early morning raga to begin the day in contemplation and meditation. Through introspection and working through this album with or without yoga, the goal is to center yourself and provide positive and transformative energy. The word Bhairav is the wrathful aspect of Lord Shiva and the breaking through of negative thoughts to acquire peace and tranquility.
Awakening is very subtle in its movements. Using ambient music, melodic trance and the patterns of sound that reflect a raga, Blanchard has created a meditative journey that invokes inner peace. “Invocation” is the first track on the album, and the shortest piece at only 6:34 minutes. The strings and ambient music create a lilting sensation. The Indian flavor of the music takes over and is blended with delicate female chanting.
“Centering” is the second piece on the album and the longest at 13:30 minutes. The pace here is peaceful with ambient sounds and strings casting a tranquil vibe over the track.
“Integration” is the last track on the album. Wind instruments take up the onset of the piece with an ambient hum in the background. Female vocals sigh and chant, bringing the listener in with each evocative sigh. The melodic trance of the buzzing brings to mind lotus flowers floating on a pool of still water and your mind emptying of all thoughts.
Awakening is a journey through Indian classical music focusing on contemplation, healing and inner tranquility. Using vibrations, tonal patterns that effect consciousness and ambient sound, Blanchard takes us back to the time of the Vedic rishis (ancient seers) and gives us the opportunity to begin our day with a moment of raga, “that which colors or leaves an impression.” Using the specific tones, emphasized notes and phrasing to create the raga, we are transported into a place of inner peace. This album is ideal if you practice yoga or enjoy world music.
Key Tracks- Invocation, Centering, Integration
Dana Staff
February 2, 2012
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