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Genre: New Age-Instrumental
Label: Promotion Music Specialties, LLC
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1. Drawing Down The Moon
2. True Nature
3. Embodying The Light
4. Unseen Magic
5. Earth Essence
6. Open As The Sky
7. Whole Heart
8. Lavender Calm
9. When Clouds Pass
10. Chie
11. Ley Lines
Peter Phippen and Arja Kastinen
Lavender Calm

Lavender Calm - Peter Phippen & Arja Kastinen

Peter Phippen, a Grammy Award nominee, began his musical career in 1987 when a good friend gave him his first flute. Phippen hasn’t looked back since. Residing in Wisconsin, Phippen is always on the go, with concert performances and workshops all over the United States. He has been a featured performer at the International Native American and World Flute Association and has shared the stage with such greats as R. Carlos Nakai and Mark Holland, among others. Phippen has produced and played for many award nominated recordings. Lavender Calm is his newest release.
Dr. Arja Kastinen contributed to this album with his use of the kantele (a stringed instrument of the Karelian and Finnish peoples). The combination of Phippen’s use of his collection of contemporary and antique flutes and the kantele gives this album a unique feeling of world music as the two instrument styles are woven together to create a world music flavor that is soothing to the soul.
“Drawing Down The Moon” is the opening track on the album. Opening with the kantele, the plucking sensation eases you into a sensation of contentment as Phippen begins to lightly play his flute. Seducing you into the twilight darkness, Phippen and Kastinen invoke magic as their combined instruments fuse together into a singular sensation of tranquility. This piece has carefully constructed harmonies and is a joy to behold.
“Lavender Calm” is the title track to the album and erupts into a more delicate flute sound than in “Drawing Down the Moon.” This flute is more playful and erupts into the air like a butterfly on the wing, soaring high up on a lofty spring breeze, catching notes with every delicate flutter. The kantele sings like a harp and gives the piece even more depth and texture.
“Ley Lines” is the final piece on the album and has a soothing and somber feel. All things in life must end, but at least with this album, there is the play button that you can hit again. (And again) The mellow and serene notes captured by the flute and kantele combination here are pure therapy for a world weary soul looking for a moment of solitude and peace. A trip to a day spa couldn’t be more therapeutic than this album.
Phippen and Kastinen have created a deceptively simple album with Lavender Calm. The use of the many flutes in Phippen’s collection make this album a journey back in time to a simpler place where things slow down and slow breathing is a virtue. Kastinen’s use of the kantele adds a texture and grace to the album with the harp like string work and fusion of the two types of instruments. If you are looking for a moment of peace and an escape from a hectic day, pour yourself a cup of tea and put on this album. Close your eyes, lay back and just listen.
Key Tracks- Drawing Down The Moon, Lavender Calm, Ley Lines
Dana Staff
February 24, 2012
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