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Genre: Punk
Label: NXC Records
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1. Better Off Dead
2. Control
3. LL
4. Binary
5. National Blues 2011
6. Nightmares
7. Dawn
8. Bronchitis
9. Lyle's Song
10. Bandaids
11. Our Dreams
12. National Blues
13. No Fight No Win
14. Neglect The Heartbreak
15. Fee For Free

Alchalant - Alchalant

What is more punk rock than drinking all night and then getting into a major crash on your bicycle? That’s exactly what happened to Alex Matijow. Notwithstanding the blinding pain of a broken nose, five cracked teeth, and an upper lip split up to his nose, Matijow walked away from this near-death experience. He didn’t walk away empty handed. Matijow had a brand-new vision of what was important in life…his music.
Matijow currently holds a bachelor’s degree in music production and jazz guitar from Wayne State University, where he is now pursuing an MBA. Matijow is responsible for composing, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering the first 8 tracks of this album – all alone. The second half of the album is Alex Matijow (vocals, guitar), Lyle Hayman (guitar, vocals), Bryan Reed (drums, vocals) and Diana Oppenheim (bass). 
achalant’s live lineup is Alex Matijow (vocals, guitar), Todd “TJ” Errion (bass, vocals) and Chris Hobbs (drums).
alchalant is teeming with clever lyrics, unexpected beats and some quirky twists here and there. The first track, “Better Off Dead” (the anti-love song) I would call a kind of techno punk. It’s punk with pop synth sounds. “How did it taste when you ate my soul I’m sure as hell that you didn’t get full because I’m empty,” is just a sample of some of the modern poetry you can find on Alchalant.
My favorite track on the album, “Binary” is a geeky love song about how love should be, “as simple as binary, just ones and zeroes.” While listening to it I wax nostalgic for my old Dead Milkmen records.
A lot of CDs give you an extra track hidden at the end of the album after a bit of silence, but achalant out does them all by giving you an entire album of hidden tracks. The hidden album is made up of recordings that Matijow recorded earlier.  “National Blues 2011” is an updated version of one of those tracks. It was originally written after 9/11 and this updated version is a bit heavier and adds some great guitar leads that are noticeably missing from the previous version.
alchalant is quite an entertaining little album. It drags punk songs through the mud of several other genres just enough to give each one a unique flavor. alchalant has received 7 nominations at the 1st annual Indie Music Channel Awards. Hurry and listen to it before the masses discover it. Caution: repeated listening will make you want to sport your old Mohawk.

Note: Tracks 09-19 are each 4 seconds of silence separating the record from the bonus tracks. Bonus tracks include alchalant’s entire first record with the band Nonchalant from 2002.
Key Tracks: Binary, National Blues, Bronchitis
Kirk Bullough – Staff
April 1, 2012
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