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Genre: Blues
Label: Burning Disk
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1. Killer Tone
2. Smuggler's Cove
3. Gumbo Recipe
4. Lonesome Rider
5. Chicken In The Gumbo
6. What Was I Thinking
7. Out In The Night
8. I Can't Sit Down
9. Lucky Charm
10. Let The Big Dog Eat
11. The Goog
12. Paco's Garden
13. Cathead Biscuit Gospel
Sauce Boss
Live At The Green Parrot

Bill "Sauce Boss" Wharton has been around playing the blues for quite some time, and it shows. This veteran of the scene struts his stuff without apology on Live At The Green Parrot

This is the kind of electric blues that rock greats like Led Zeppelin pulled their inspiration from. Big fans of Zeppelin (like me) will hear echoes throughout the album, from the “Trampled Underfoot” style lick on the opening song “Killer Tone” to the “No Quarter” moments on “Out In The Night.” Now it's not at all that I think the Sauce Boss is imitating anyone. It's just that I feel that these artists are together on the same blues/rock musical page. When you get down to it some of Wharton's licks are so fiery that I almost believe he really does live on hot sauce. 
Speaking of great guitar playing... there are plenty of noteworthy solos here, but let’s focus in on just one. On “Let The Big Dog Eat” any fan will get his or her fill. The track is 7 and a half minutes long, and a good portion of that is smokin' guitar solo. With all the references to other artists I'm making, you might expect one here. Well, I'm having trouble because his guitar technique actually sounds quite unique. He screams. He slides. He takes the blues to the edge.
But the blues isn't all he can do! “Chicken In The Gumbo” is as funky and soulful as you please, complete with wah-wah guitar pedal. “I Can't Sit Down” opens with a lick that brings to mind U2's “Mysterious Ways.” How can there be so much variety and yet still all be good blues? I really can't say. I just call it like I hear it, and this is good stuff. Now let's not neglect the rest of the ensemble. Sadly I can't find a personnel listing for this recording, but the rest of the band keeps it right in the pocket. They back up the talents of Wharton with solid playing throughout (especially the drummer who shows out some at the beginning of “Lucky Charm”). 
Blues fans... if you somehow haven't heard the Sauce Boss yet, you owe it to yourself to get introduced with Live At The Green Parrot. You won't regret giving it a listen!
Key Tracks- Killer Tone, Chicken In The Gumbo, Let The Big Dog Eat
Donny Harvey- Staff
April 5, 2012
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