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Genre: Metal
Label: Frontiers Records
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1. Drag Me Down
2. Get On It
3. Dirty Love
4. Machine
5. Live For The Day
6. Ride
7. Physical Attraction
8. Tattoos & Misery
9. The Coolest Thing
10. Save Your Soul
11. Walk With A Stranger
12. Heart Of Steel (bonus acoustic track)
New Audio Machine

New Audio Machine - Trixter

Trixter begin in 1983 in a New Jersey basement in the city of Paramus. After a year of honing their skills, Brown and Loran added drummer Scott. The band took off like a kid when the end of school bell rings. They became regulars in the NJ/NY music scene. Farley joined the band as the new bassist in 1988.
The line-up on the new album is the familiar: Peter Loran (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Steve Brown (lead guitars/backing vocals), PJ Farley (bass/backing vocals) and Mark Gus Scott (drums/percussion/backing vocals).
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I cued up New Audio Machine the new album by Trixter. Would they be able to claw through the grungy residue of what the music industry has fed us for the last decade and deliver something fresh? Unquestionably, yes!
The first track “Drag Me Down” leads off with acoustic guitar. It has the feel of an old west gunfight infused with rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The production is so crisp and clean I can’t resist the urge to blare it. About a minute in the electric guitar comes in and it morphs into a hard rockin’ anthem. 
To satisfy my lust for some great guitar chops I didn’t have to look far. “Dirty Love” is packed 100% full of your daily allowance.
The driving rhythm of “Machine” will get you off your seat. The vocals are amazing. Loran can still hit all the high notes and scream like a wild banshee. Best of all it is sprinkled with more masterly guitar riffs. 
“Live for the Day” is a heartfelt ballad that will make your girlfriend want to kiss you, but she’ll be thinking of Peter, so just skip this one or listen to it when she’s not around.
I think the song that best catches the contemporary sound of Trixter is “Tattoos & Misery.” It’s a good balance between Metal and Power Pop. There is a crazy good solo about 2 minutes in and the backing vocals are especially good in this one.
Trixter navigates today’s music scene without straying from their roots and continues to produce music that is relevant. This is a band that is at the top of their game. They may be better today than ever. The choice of songs on New Audio Machine makes the perfect canvas for Trixter to paint their soundscapes on. The lyrics are intelligent and the choruses are catchy. I recommend it to anyone that likes AOR or Alternative Rock.
Key Tracks: Drag Me Down, Dirty Love, Machine, Tattoos & Misery
Kirk Bullough – Staff
May 18, 2012
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