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Genre: Instrumental
Label: Mainya Music Entertainment
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1. Summer Nights
2. Throwing the Dice
3. End of the Line
4. Active Imagination
5. The Purple Heart: A Summary
6. Where the Wild Things Are
7. Jealous Heart
8. Uncertainty
9. The Bermuda Triangle
10. Near the Edge of Light
11. Waiting
12. Overview
13. Love Chaconne
14. Fountain of Life
15. Smoke Signals
16. Voice of God

Reconstructed (Solo Piano) - Isadar

Born and raised in southern Louisiana, Fabian Isadar Thibodeaux is an artist of many talents. Listening to piano as a young child, Isadar became transfixed with music. In his teens, he learned woodwinds and after a short break in his work with the piano, was revitalized and back on his life’s mission. Working on songwriting and pop music in the 1990’s, Isadar released “Dream of the Dead,” his first vocal piece. It was greatly influenced by Kate Bush. Moving from Louisiana to New York, Isadar did some work for Ralph Lauren on their “Safari” television ad. Reconstructed is his 2012 release.

From the first moment the notes hit your ears with “Summer Nights,” you know this album is going to be something worth spending time with. The light touch Isadar has with the keys is at first deceptive, but as the playing goes on, you can hear the layered approach he uses to compose. The melodic construction is beautifully done. Rising high and careening low, this piece is soothing and takes you away from the stresses of the day with a deep sigh of relaxation.
“Jealous Heart” is a moody piece that reminds me of 50 Shades of Grey and all the complexities involved in the trilogy. There is a textured moodscape that gives a glimpse into the character of Christian Grey and his enigmatic but troubled soul. Pensive melodies and introspection blend with sheer moments of bliss. This piece is evocative and grabs at the primal darkness that tugs at each of us. A taste of the forbidden and the hunger of the heart to capture elusive joy, however it may appear.
“Love Chaconne” carries you down a darker path. With deliberate keystrokes, Isadar leads you inward to discover those places that are more comfortably left in shadow. A walk down a dark hallway at a masquerade ball, mask in hand, leads you into the arms of a lover. Tender kisses along your jawline pause as the music grows still and you wonder with bated breath where this album will go from here.
Almost every track on this album was something I fell in love with instantly. “Where the Wild Things Are” was a romp that invoked images of my favorite kid’s book of the same name by the late Maurice Sendak. It has a lively feel to it that was very different from most of the album. From the darkly pensive “Jealous Heart” and “Love Chaconne” to the lighter “Summer Nights,” this album will help you forget the trials of your day and carry you into a place of tranquility. The last song, “Voice of God” is a heartfelt piece that sums up just what Isadar is capable of as a solo piano artist. This album, on the whole is one I will keep in my library for a long time to come. If you enjoy piano music, you owe it to yourself to give it a spin.
Key Tracks- Summer Nights, Jealous Heart, Love Chaconne
Dana Staff
May 22, 2012
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