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Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
Label: Independent
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1. Hey You
2. How To Relax
3. A Hit Song
4. Power
5. The King's Dead
6. Saddle Light
7. Daniel 4/16
8. The Bridge Above
9. Dying To Breathe
10. A Love Strange
11. Until It's Gone
12. Sour Sugar
13. Searching For Soul

Dig - 2bers 

You know, as a critic I have to say it is much easier to review music that I don’t enjoy. The entire time I’m listening to the horrid tracks I’m justifying why I don’t like them. I’m saying things in my head like “ugh, why did they do that?” or “that’s really underworked.” Such albums are much easier to review than Dig by the Alternative Hip-Hop duo, 2bers. 
With Dig, I really just got lost in the songs; it was so much easier to just feel them than to think about them. I will do my best to describe their sound, but you will be doing yourself a favor by going to check out Dig. That way you may understand the album’s hypnotizing qualities that I’m trying to describe. 
A listener will understand immediately why this group has been dubbed an Alternative Hip-Hip group. The beats typically feature guitars, piano, and very live sounding (not over-produced) drums. As a result of the production and instrumentation, the album has a very live feel to it. It is quite easy to picture the band playing amongst an ensemble (which they have actually been known to do) throughout the album. The production is not always light however, as there are some very interesting synth tones and drum filtering going on in some of the tunes. However, even with these additions, the album never loses its live feel for a second.
The vocals in the album certainly do well to carry the sorrowful and depraved mood of the album. BlesInfinite and Eph’Sharpe are both thought-provoking mc’s who are able to dish out interesting raps as well as melodies. Though each member carries their own signature sound well, hearing them together is one of the biggest treats on the album. BlesInfinite has a very low, gravelly voice while Eph’Sharpe has a cleaner, purer sounding voice that he uses in an upper register. Though the two voices sound entirely different on their own, the combination of the two makes for very interesting textures. 
Key Tracks: How To Relax, The King’s Dead, The Bridge Above
Seth Contributor
May 26, 2012
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