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Genre: Folk
Label: Promotion Music Records
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1. Sometimes I will Cry
2. Save Your Heart
3. Life Goes On
4. Knowing Love Is Near
5. When You Love Someone
6. Truth Or Dare
7. Dear Brother
8. And We Sang La Da
9. Dark As Night
10. Me Siento Tan Sola
11. Say You Love Me
12. Sharing This World
13. La Pavane Dans Les Bois
Cynthia Chitko
Knowing Love Is Near

Knowing Love Is Near - Cynthia Chitko

Cynthia Chitko’s medium is folk music and her palate is the vast emotions from the heart. Beginning her career in junior high in Wisconsin, she competed in vocal competitions and moved on to acoustic acts, both in a duo and single capacity. Her debut album was entitled The Moon Goddess. Knowing Love Is Near is her 2012 release and includes the following artists: Cynthia Chitko (vocals, acoustic guitar), Peter Phippen (electric bass, antique boxwood flute, bamboo flutes, acoustic guitar), Ivar Lunde, Jr.  (English horn), Jason Introwitz (conga, bongos, djembe) and Al Melville (accordion).
Folk music has the complexity to make me slow down and really think about what the artist is trying to say. Introspective, this album reaches down into the hidden recesses of the human heart and holds up a window into the artist’s soul. Chitko has a voice that holds power. It can be deep with shards of broken glass or light and sweet like the Moon Goddess she is named after.
“Truth or Dare” begins with a fluid guitar sequence that leads you through a door into the heart of the album. Mellow vocals and a steady guitar base call out to memories of things past. All of the things that can happen in a room are brought to life with theatrical precision as Chitko recounts events that stir the emotions with each strum of the guitar strings and the graceful lilt of her voice.
“Sharing This World” is a fairytale to the tune of folk centric music. Mellow guitar and Chitko’s unique brand of vocals stir a cauldron that speaks of myth and magic. This piece reminds me of paintings of fair maidens with long streaming hair and knights in shining armor devoted to their service. It is elegant and picturesque.
“La Pavane Dans Les Bois” invokes images of dancing around a sabbat fire, calling out to the inner Goddess in every woman. A sultry melody, this piece captured the core essence of what Cynthia Chitko is capable of. Glorious guitar strumming paired with choral style voice overs and multi-instrumentation this song sent chills up my back and took me to places in my subconscious that remain hidden most of the time. With many layers, this piece is at once classical and folk in nature, with a New Age/Goddess music slant that brings joy to my heart and brings me back to the play button over and over again.
Cynthia Chitko is a multi-faceted artist with a center in folk music. Her voice can be sultry, sweet and at times, carry the sorrows of life. Knowing Love Is Near is dedicated to the memory of her father and brother. One of her goals in making music is to express honesty in emotions with her compelling lyrics and voice. Knowing Love Is Near is her sophomore album and was produced by Grammy Nominated world flute player and recording artist/producer Peter Phippen and internationally acclaimed composer, conductor and oboist Ivar Lunde Jr. and Cynthia Chitko. If you enjoy music in the vein of Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon or Joni Mitchell then you will probably love this album.

Key Tracks- Truth or Dare, Sharing This World, La Pavane Dans Les Bois
Dana Sr. Staff
October 18, 2012
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