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Genre: Holiday
Label: Mainya Music Entertainment
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1. Good Christian Men
2. Teddy Bear's Picnic / March of the Toys
3. O Christmas Tree
4. Still
5. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
6. Song of the Wise Men
7. O Come Little Children
8. Greensleeves 2012
9. Masters in This Hall
10. Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year
O Christmas

O Christmas - Solo Piano - Isadar 
Isadar has been making music since he was a young child. His work with the piano and later woodwind instruments has given him a well-rounded musical repertoire and an experience in song writing. Working on piano and pop music, Isadar continues his voyage and improvisation to craft music that echoes in the heart and stirs the soul. O Christmas is his newest release.
Isadar has a knack for capturing whatever subject and season he decides to craft an album around. O Christmas is a delightful journey into the heart of the winter holidays to the tune of a solo piano. As the album opens with “Good Christian Men” a classic piece that invokes memories of a simpler time, I felt myself ease into the spirit of the season. The light and playful keystrokes bring light and warmth to the heart as the passion Isadar puts into his playing becomes evident with each note that comes across. The composition is flawless, harmony pure and the essence of Christmas is a gift to be savored.
“O’ Come O’ Come Emmanuel” is one of my favorite holiday tunes. Isadar takes this piece and effortlessly brings tears to my eyes as I hear the beauty behind the music. The notes spin and flicker like a skater gliding across the ice, arms in the air, puff of winter’s cold air on her breath. Feet spinning, head whipping like a lightening crack she holds out her hand to her partner and together they share the beauty and light that encapsulates this season of hope.
“Greensleeves 2012” is a delicate blend of sound. It holds the tune of “Greensleeves” but also adds a finer, more gossamer sound that could only be Isadar. Running across a field of snow, dancing with joy at the winter of the world and the hidden mysteries of the ice, you dance. Dance like you never have before. Let the joy of being alive burst from your breast like a shining star. A beacon of hope to everyone around you. Peace, joy and love with every stroke of a piano key and the heart of the holiday spirit within every note.
“Merry Christmas…And A Happy New Year” is the last piece on the album and is the perfect send off into the world. The intense playing makes every strain of music a palpable thing. Each flowing note rambles along in the classic holiday sound, bringing light and warmth to all the souls who encounter it. After dealing with the working day world or holiday shopping, this song is a balm for the spirit.
Isadar is an artist that works within his experience as a songwriter, pianist and composer to create music that speaks to the heart of the listener. This is the second album I have reviewed from this artist and I hope it won’t be my last. This work is a jewel of shining proportions and is a delightful selection of holiday piano music.

Key Tracks Good Christian Men, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Greensleeves 2012, Merry Christmas…And A Happy New Year
Dana Sr. Staff
November 3, 2012
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