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Genre: New Age
Label: Natural Health Source, Inc.
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1. This Love Is Forever
2. Farewell Safe Harbor
3. Into the Mystery Landscape
4. Rift Rider
5. Under the Starlit Sky
6. Midnight Rendezvous
7. Chimes of the Spirit
8. The Long Walk Home
9. Tsunami
10. If I Had Wings
11. Only Love Remains
Acoustic Ocean
Chimes of the Spirit

Chimes of the Spirit - Acoustic Ocean 

Acoustic Ocean is made up of the talented musicians and recording artists Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan. Both artists have backgrounds in music and yoga. The use of music as a healing medium and with their combined talents, have crafted a sound that is also reflective of their love for the Hawaiian Islands. The two have toured together for many years, and have played internationally. Both women are certified in the healing arts and use their musical talents to reduce stress and heal the body and mind. Chimes of the Spirit is their third album. Guest musicians include Kay Aldrich (cello) and Anne Berliner (flute).
“This Love Is Forever” is the first track on the album. It trickles across your senses like a fresh bubbling stream, washing away the cobwebs from your mind. The blend of guitar and harp marries seamlessly and evokes an image of island forefathers and mothers devoted to the islands that inspired this music. Hawaii with its graceful waterfalls, beautiful Polynesian culture and environs that can sooth the soul like no other gets into your soul as Phelan and Morgan weave their cascading spell of music.
“Into the Mystery” is the intricate pattern in the sea shell you find on the beach. The conch, so full of mystery and wonder, you can still hear the magic of the sea echoing in your ear long after it has been plucked from the water. Notes and melodies that sail across oceans of time merge to paint a seascape of dolphins sailing through oceans of blue. Of mermaids gliding through the murky depths, promising the world for a single kiss.
“Tsunami” is an audible tapestry that has to be my favorite piece on the album. This one gave me goose bumps as the passionate guitar and harp merged as one to tell the story of ocean waves building, cresting and moving toward the islands with ferocious intent. The vocals were a light chant, woven together with an anticipatory feeling that something is coming. The forces of nature are about to collide with man. Are we strong enough to survive the wrath of the ocean in all of its power? The patterns and melodies concocted with this piece are monumental and show just what these two artists are capable of creating. Simply beautiful!
“If I Had Wings” is a blend of harp, guitar and vocals that will stir tears to your eyes. The song spirals up and out like the promise of life in a new land. How rich will the future be to look toward the end of the journey and a new life beyond. To find what you are looking for in lands beyond the sea. A lost love? A fate that holds promise? An adventure far beyond comprehending. Look out toward the great ocean beyond and feel the pulse race in your veins.
Chimes of the Spirit is a journey of the senses. This album could not have come across my desk at a better time. The holidays are here, with all the stresses and illnesses that tend to hit you when you least have the time or energy to deal with them. Listening to this music brought me to a place of peace, reflection and an inner stillness that could not have been more needed. A blend of folk, contemporary instrumental and New Age, this album features Peggy Morgan on the Celtic harp and Betty Phelan on the guitar. Their love of the ocean and Hawaii shines through in each track on this album. If you like a bit of folk and are looking for a respite from the world for a while, check out this amazing album.
Key Tracks- This Love Is Forever, Into the Mystery, Tsunami, If I Had Wings,
Dana Sr. Staff
November 21, 2012
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