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Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Atlantic
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1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Ramble On
3. Black Dog
4. In My Time Of Dying
5. For Your Life
6. Trampled Under Foot
7. Nobody's Fault But Mine
8. No Quarter
9. Since I've Been Loving You
10. Dazed And Confused
11. Stairway To Heaven
12. The Song Remains The Same
13. Misty Mountain Hop
14. Kashmir
15. Whole Lotta Love
16. Rock And Roll
Led Zeppelin
Celebration Day (2 CD/1 Blu-ray)

Celebration Day (Live At O2 Arena, London) - Led Zeppelin 

The mighty Led Zeppelin, is that a term that would apply to the legendary band on December 10, 2007? The long awaited one off show at the O2 Arena in London to honor Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Artegun, who had passed the year before in December, was preserved in film and became available for the first time in November of this year.
Robert Plant (vocals), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards) and Jason Bonham (drums) were Led Zeppelin 2007.
Celebration Day is just that, a massive celebration of an industry legend’s life and one of the most prolific rock band’s in the history of recorded music.
There are many different versions of this set including for fans to purchase which include 2 CDs, 2 CDs / 1 DVD, 2 CDs/1 DVD/1 Blu-ray and the 2 CD /1 Blu-ray set which I opted for. Each set comes with a booklet and there is a 180 gram vinyl 3 LP set available as well. You can also get the sets in a DVD box rather than the quad-gatefold CD case. Any way you want it and it’s yours for a decent price.
I wondered how this band would sound after such a tremendously long layoff. 27 years is quite a stretch. It cannot be understated the importance of their deceased drummer John Bonham. After his tragic demise in 1980 the band called it a day and vowed to not be Led Zeppelin without him. There was only one person in the world that could possibly be considered to take the powerful drummer’s place and that would be his son Jason (who has made quite a name for himself playing in several bands and most recently Black Country Communion). Jason knows every note of every Led Zep tune and he is a mirror image of his father’s awesome power behind the drum kit. So it happened, finally, Jason made his dream come true to play a gig with the greatest band on earth (as he was quoted in the CD booklet that accompanies this set).
It worked out very well, amazingly so. I listened to the two CDs first and was impressed with the overall sound. I knew straight away Robert Plant was not going to be the vocalist we heard on all those albums from the glory days, his voice changed further into his solo career with his range dropping down over the years.  This is natural with the coming of age and wear and tear, unless of course you are someone like Rob Halford. Even so, Plant does a stand up job fronting the band and with the help of Jason’s backup vocals it fills out things nicely and all falls into place.
The most exciting thing for me being a Led Zep fan was to actually watch this entire show in astounding Blu-ray and become totally enveloped in sound. You can listen to the Blu-ray in either 5.1 DTS HD MA or PCM Stereo. To describe what these incredible musicians were able to create after a few weeks of practice and brushing up on the old numbers is mind boggling. Jason was so overwhelmed with emotion after the show he fell to his knees and burst into tears. I cannot imagine the range of emotions he was feeling all night and when the gig was finally over, the relief, joy and sadness overtaking him all at once must have been a once in lifetime unstoppable force of nature.
The Blue-ray is as superb as I expected it to be and many times during the performance I felt a chill come over my entire body as I sat there with a huge grin. While I was watching and listening waves of joy swept over me. When “Kashmir” began it was like dying and ascending to rock ‘n’ roll heaven. Physical Graffiti was a masterpiece that has never been duplicated by any band and I doubt ever will. “Kashmir” is just one of many memorable tracks from that album. “In My Time of Dying” was also presented and Page played some scorching runs and his slide playing was just on fire. That element of the song is what made it and Plant sounds like he goes back to his blues roots and pulls out all the stops on that one. Then of course Page breaks out the violin bow to give the audience a psychedelic blues trip on their classic “Dazed and Confused.” As Plant tells the audience “There are some songs you cannot leave out” and that recognizable riff from “Whole Lotta Love” jumps into your head and before you know it they are playing it and you can envision every air guitar freak on the planet going into their gyrations pretending to be Jimmy Page.
It was like this band never missed a step after all these years. I guess that is why they were and still are rock royalty. The gods of music came down from the heavens and returned for one more gig that immortalized them and cemented in our minds that Led Zeppelin was one of those bands that you never forget. It was a marvelous tribute to Artegun and for Jason Bonham a final salute to his father. Like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones, they are in a league all by themselves.
Celebration Day was easy to get excited about and it delivers in every aspect you could possibly hope for. For Led Zep fans and music fans all over the world we get another shot to hear The Mighty Led Zeppelin strut their stuff.
Key Tracks: Kashmir, Dazed and Confused, Whole Lotta Love
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Founder
December 9, 2012
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