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Genre: Instrumental-Jazz
Label: Mainya Music Entertainment
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1. Broken Valentine
2. Red
3. The Man Who Broke My Heart
4. The Stairwell
5. Letting Go
6. En Face Du Miroir (Facing the Mirror)
7. Blood... Thicker Than Water

If you are looking for a musician that has his feet firmly planted in just about every aspect of the entertainment industry, then Isadar is your man. Composer, Manager within a Major Label's department of Vault and Archives, music video director amongst others, he is continually honing his work to develop bigger and better sound creations. Red is Isadar’s tenth solo piano and seventeenth studio album. Seven original songs that have essences of Jazz, New Age, Folk, Contemporary and Classical make up an entirely new flavor of music that transcends any of them individually.
 “Broken Valentine” starts out the album with a journey into a heart that has been cracked wide open and still stinging from the hurt. Stirring piano compositions take you back in your own mind to a time when your own heart was bruised and broken, raw with pain and fiery with anger. Little flairs of heat pop in the piece, showing every emotion as it plays out. Anger, loss, resentment and finally an open look at the future. A lovely piece and a perfect beginning on a journey of the heart.
“The Man Who Broke My Heart” is a fluid piece that literally made me weep. The sweetness of the piano movements makes your own heart beat with a love that is fierce and pure and ache with its absence. Such depth of emotion captured note by note coasting across the airways in vivid color is the reason that Isadar’s music strikes a chord in the listener. This piece is bittersweet. A love that builds as much as it tears you down with the loss of it resonates in us all. Love is the reason we breathe. Being abandoned by our love can be a soul crushing rejection that makes us question all that makes us human.
“En Face Du Miroir” is a look in the mirror. Pensive piano music trickles over you and a thought provoking feeling prevails. This album is a journey. Love, loss, life, and loving again. Are we worthy of love? Sometimes our utter isolation as human beings makes us feel that we are not. The swirling notes of music track along with the whirlwind of thoughts and doubts that travel through our minds as we delve into the introspection of the spirit and the hard questions we tend to ask ourselves at some of the worst times in our lives. The ultimate truth is this…yes. I am worthy of being loved. Let this song enrapture you with waves of certainty as you stare into your own eyes and see the worth that you bring.
“Blood…Thicker than Water” is a dance of joy that celebrates family and those we love that have a deep commitment to our lives. Passion and warmth explode around you as the happiness and security of this piece practically glows. Joy is tempered with introspection and the immediate losses that make up life, but the love of family and friends pick up where the hurt begins. Blood is indeed thicker than water. When times are tough and darkness threatens to envelope us, those that really count are there to pick up the pieces. Sometimes they are found in hidden places in our lives and sometimes they are right in front of us. Listen. Listen closely to what is hidden in the notes of music that make up your life. As the harmonies of this piece cascade over you, feel the warmth of the blessings that make you whole.
Isadar is a master of piano composition and how it captures emotions. In every album I have reviewed, his subject matter shines through. In Red he is writing about the affairs of the heart. Seven years in the making, this album is a masterpiece. From the heated anger of a love gone wrong, to the broken and bitter damage of an anguished lover to the final realization that there are people in your life that love you and how blessed you really are. Each of these themes is interwoven through piano movements that will stir your soul and pluck at your heartstrings. What a perfect album to celebrate with your loved ones for Valentine’s Day and beyond.
Key Tracks- Broken Valentine, The Man Who Broke My Heart, En Face Du Mirror, Blood…Thicker Than Water
Dana Sr. Staff
January 15, 2013
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