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Genre: Rock
Label: Standby Records
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1. The Response
2. Through This House
3. Take Me Home
4. Light to Shadows
5. In Dreams
Cinema Sleep
Make Your Way

Forming out of the ashes of The Paramedic, Cinema Sleep is a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Made up of Brady Reis (lead vocals), Alex Asch (lead guitar), Ryan Meyers (bass), Robert McDonald (guitar, backing vocals), and Kevin Vincent (drums), Cinema Sleep’s heavy rock sound is backed by a nice blend of melodic and pop elements. Their Make Your Way EP is a statement that they are here and are a monumental force that demands attention. So, stand up and take notice, because Cinema Sleep is a band destined for huge things.  
The theatrical inspired opening of “The Response” is a great lead in for music so large that it makes me feel like I am about to embark on a heroic journey. You could not ask for a better opener. The pounding drums and soaring vocals make a lasting impression with a roaring chorus to scream along with. This is the type of song that pulls listeners in and makes them want more. “Through This House” keeps the hard rock coming with the right touch of melodic influence, making the chorus irresistible.
“Take Me Home” starts off slower than usual, but it still conveys a sense of emotional power that makes it feel right at home on this EP, though some may not like the change of pace. “Light to Shadows” reaches the level of “The Response” with its intensity and emotional range. The lyrics are poignant as well as catchy, which will definitely have you singing along the second time around. At this point it is easy to identify a signature Cinema Sleep sound. “In Dreams” ends this release on a high note. It does not get much better than this with a crushing sound and aggressive vocals to keep the blood pumping and heat up after the song ends.
Cinema Sleep’s Make Your Way is hard rock at its finest. This is what happens when a band is in synch and hitting all the moves with master accuracy. My only complaint is that at 5 songs with a run-time of just under 17 minutes, Make Your Way will leave you craving for more from these talented guys. With a full-length release sure to come in the near future, Cinema Sleep is showing other hard rock bands how to get things done.
Key Tracks: ALL
Brian McKinnon – Sr. Staff
February 21, 2013
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