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Genre: Classic Rock
Label: Melodic Revolution Records
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1. House On The Hills (A Soldier's Letter)
2. Mountain High
3. Stand By You
4. Who Will Wait
5. Remedy
6. Stay
7. Wind Beneath My Wings
8. Under The Sun
9. She Moves
10. Run
11. Hold The Candle
12. Letting Go
13. The Curse

In 2008, a band called Morre was started in Toronto, Canada which consisted of Adrain Tonceanu (vocals/guitars), Igor Lazebnik (vocals/guitars), and James Rose (drums/backup vocals). Having influences from classic rock greats such as Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, the band started playing venues throughout Canada. They caught the attention of Melodic Revolution Records, and were signed in January of 2011. Morre released …Out There in 2010 and Contrast in 2011. Their latest release is called Morphine.
Morre brings influences from a broad scope of classic rock acts that seem to have been forgotten in recent years, and they provide harmony vocals that have hardly been seen in the world of rock since the days of The Beach Boys. With their latest release, Morphine, they bring these elements together to create an authentic rock album that is reminiscent of rock’s heyday of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. Like many great rock records of past, the album cover is basic letting the music tell the main message. On the front cover, the album name, Morphine, is written across the length from bottom to top with only some smoke appearing behind it, referencing to rock’s unofficial slogan of “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.” Morphine is an hour long musical journey of classic rock sounds with modern elements.
“Wind Beneath My Wings” is simply a great rock song. It has that blues inspired feel like so many great rock songs of the 1960’s, and the harmonica adds to the song’s bluesy feel. Igor Lazebnik has some really great melodic vocals. There is also a really nice mix of acoustic and distorted electric guitars that actually blend together quite well. The song’s positive message of not letting anyone take your spirit is an inspirational statement that is sure to motivate anyone.
The psychedelia-sounding “The Curse” is a rock ballad that has dark but emotional feeling. The song begins with piano and trippy sounds that are recollective of the experimental sounds of 1960’s psychedelia-era. James Rose’s drumming on the song has a beat generation feeling that helps bring out the dark feeling of the song.
The song “Under The Sun” shows why Morre is a great band. The track is a great rock song, but the chorus sounds like a reggae song straight from the Caribbean. There are not many bands that can pull off sounds from two distinctive genres, especially in one song. This song highlights all the band members’ qualities, and the harmonies are especially pleasing on this song giving it a smooth flow from beginning to end.
Morre may have formed in 2008, but their sound recaptures a time from the past. Most modern rock bands have forgotten the sounds of earlier generations, so it is pleasing when you can find a band that still holds strong to those influences. I would recommend Morre to any fan of classic rock. Morphine is an album worth buying, and any rock fan would want it in their collection. I would like to see more bands like this come along. Maybe rock bands can start to incorporate a little more harmony and harmonicas into their acts.
Key Tracks: Wind Beneath My Wings, The Curse, Under The Sun
Craig Kidd - Staff
February 24, 2013
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