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Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Nerus Records
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1. Blues Enough
2. Sam the Bluzman
3. Fishing Where the Fish Are
4. Backhand Drive
5. Every Piece of Me
6. Everything You Do
7. Streets of Downtown
8. Life's Too Short
9. Better Class of Bums
10. Deaf, Dumb & Blind
11. Tough Street
The Hitman Blues Band
Blues Enough

The music of The Hitman Blues Band will make you glad that music exists in the first place. Made up of Russell "Hitman" Alexander (guitar, vocals), Mike Porter (bass, vocals), Kevin Rymer (keyboards), Guy LaFountaine (drums), Eric Altarac (trumpet), Michael Snyder (saxophone), and Al Alpert (trombone), the band knows how to blend a historic genre with modern flare. Blues Enough contains the type of music that will captivate and keep you thrilled from start to finish.
The title track “Blues Enough” comes out blazing and will have you hooked. This song is the embodiment of the album and will endear you to the music of The Hitman Blues Band. If it does not, then I do not know what will. Just listen to that opening guitar! Is it blues enough for ya?/ Does it do enough for ya? Yes, it is and yes, it does. When it comes to tribute songs, “Sam the Bluzman” is top notch work. It is the music is relatively upbeat and it celebrates the life of its subject instead of lamenting. Next up is some every day advice in “Fishing Where the Fish Are.” Following it up is the delightful “Backhand Drive” and it might just bring a wry smile to your face. The poignant “Every Piece of Me” is a brilliant song about the end of a relationship and anguish of a broken heart.
“Everything You Do” is another vibrant song with a lively piano and guitar keeping the song up throughout its duration. “Streets of Downtown” tells a harrowing tale and it rivals literature in its ability to affect the emotions. The drum opening on “Life’s Too Short” makes it worth a listen, if it was not a hopping song in its own right. The good natured “Better Class of Bums” adds some humor to the album with its vow to hang with a different crowd of people and improve one’s behavior. “Tough Street” pulls out all the musical stops and ends in the album with flair and bravado.
The Hitman Blues Band’s Blues Enough is full of music and tales that your ears will willingly lend them to. This is the type of album that will appeal to fans of the genre and beyond. It is not one to pass up, as it will provide listeners with hours of entertainment.
Key Tracks: Blues Enough, Sam the Bluzman, Streets of Downtown, Tough Street
Brian McKinnon – Sr. Staff
March 2, 2013
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