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Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
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1. Intro
2. Brighter Side
3. Little Bit of Love
4. Let It Rain
5. My Feel Good
6. November
7. All Alone Again
8. Never Be Company
Marshall Young Band

Marshall Young Band is a very talented young band from Fort Worth, Texas. The band is Marshall Young (guitar/ vocals), Caleb Anderson (guitar), Chuck Gasser (drums) and Clark Nowlan (bass). The bands boys grew up together in Fort Worth and were all friends however separated by being in rival bands when they were very young.  By the time they reached high school they realized it made sense that they should be playing together. If you listen to their music on their debut November you will understand why it worked.

For today’s listener some people may find similarities to an artist like John Mayer and for those that remember some band’s from the 90s like The Spin Doctors, you may find some similarities and recognition within that time frame. Everyone has their own unique interpretations of what they are hearing and that is the beauty of music, it’s a personal thing that only belongs to your ears.

MYB offers up 8 tracks on November. What you get is a potent combination of rock, some southern rock flair and elements of pop. This is a very strong debut from a promising group of musicians.

The 50 second “Intro” gives you brief taste of what is to come. It serves as a tasty teaser that leads into one of the tracks that should be earmarked for a hit single “Brighter Side” (which was also one of our weekly featured tracks recently). The guitar dominates the proceedings taking the listener on a honest to goodness rock ‘n’ roll ride reminiscent of something you have heard on 70s radio in the middle of a hot summer day. It has that classic sound that makes your feet tap and puts warm feelings in your heart. No pun intended but for this listener this is the brighter side of music coming out these days. No frills, auto tune, electronic computer generated sounds, just straight up music off the floor played very well.

For a bit of switch up “Let It Rain” takes on a Dave Matthews type of tone and atmosphere starting off with a strumming acoustic guitar with a grinding organ fading in and out followed by a stinging guitar line then a driving electric guitar underbelly, which invites the whole cycle to start again.  This arrangement makes a good home for the lyrics to be emphasized in all the right places. “My Feel Good” digs deeper into the folky Americana sound opening up with some banjo and fiddle. Most certainly this is not band that rest on its laurels and plays three chord rock licks. They challenge themselves with an eclectic group of tracks and in the same instance keep the listener entertained and focused with anticipation of what could be next.

The title track is yet another musical/lyrical journey that invites you in with some mellow piano and saxophone. Yet again these young man delight with another entirely different type of musical styling providing their own ballad that takes on different forms as it develops.

The Marshall Young Band has provided a very solid debut and given new listeners an opportunity to discover a band with a truckload of talent with an amazing future ahead if they continue to explore different musical paths. If you are looking for an appealing sound with a bit of Americana depth and enough rock to get your body and soul in motion then have a listen to this band. You will want more after the first listen.

Key Tracks :Brighter Side,  November,  Let it Rain

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Founder

March 21, 2013
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