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Genre: New Age-Instrumental
Label: WH Sound Studio, Inc.
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1. Full Of Love
2. Gloria's Love
3. Anniversary Waltz (For Mark And Judy)
4. When I Think of You
5. My Guiding Light - Barb
6. The Legend (Mike's Theme)
7. Song For B.J.
8. Our Family's Heart
9. Cheryl's Theme
10. Dancing With You
11. Lenita's Happiness
12. Linen Star
13. A Song For Cindy
14. Larry's Theme
15. A Song For Lawrene
16. Judy's Heart
17. Kathy's Theme
18. A Song For Tim
19. Harris & Sara's Theme
20. Bethie's Song
Danny Wright
Full of Love

Danny Wright, also known as the Healer of Hearts has been commissioned to compose over one hundred and fifty songs to commemorate living loved ones and those that have already passed over. His new album Full of Love holds twenty of these breathtaking melodies. Full of emotion that flows from each note, you get a glimpse of the person Danny was trying to capture on each audible canvas. Full of Love is indeed what the title of the album suggests. Each of the original songs and piano compositions in this twenty song love letter are vibrant with appreciation and true vision into the elusive and irrepressible nature of the human spirit.
“Full of Love” is the first piece on the album. Tender piano melodies flow in intricate patterns, like a trellis rose creeping up the side of a fairytale castle. Bittersweet harmonies evoke longings in my heart for things unseen. As I close my eyes, I catch the memories of times gone by and images of loved ones that have filled my heart, both in good times and in bad. This is the tender emotional play of the human psyche set to notes of music. Beautiful and outpouring, Wright is truly possessed by a higher power as he plays. Literally a window into the ever after, I see the future and embrace the past in one searing moment and my heart feels happy.
“My Guiding Light-Barb” was commissioned by a husband who lost his wife. The opening of the song is a beautiful glimpse into the soul of the woman whose life went into the essence of this piece. From mellow and delicate playing to a journey down the keyboard that is both fierce and inspirational, Wright hits all the emotional highs and lows this audible masterpiece of brilliant bursts of color and feeling. Tender melodies caress and comfort as I close my eyes and take in the beauty of a woman who lived her life for her family and the love of a husband who wanted to commemorate her with a song.
“Bethie’s Song” is the last song on the album. It has a tender beginning that blossoms outward like the tender bud of a rose becoming the beauty it is destined to become. Another commemoration filled with flickering images of a life well lived, “Bethie’s Song” is a tune that almost seems familiar, but the threads of color that erupt, sounding eerily like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” burst into something else entirely. Mild and thoughtful, I got a feeling of introspection from this piece. Elegant piano work creates a piece as delicate and fragile as blown glass.
Danny Wright is a composer and pianist that has captured the emotions of lives well lived and crafted music that speaks to the heart. He takes a paragraph about the person, living or dead and lets the information percolate until the song is ready to burst forth. And it does. Wright has a beautiful compilation of sound and structure that is as elaborate as it is artful. Better than a salted caramel hot chocolate, this album goes down smooth. If you are looking for an artist that plays with feeling and is able to capture the soul of a person in an audible experience, then this is the album for you. I have immersed myself in this album all week and I can’t stop listening. There is no greater compliment than that.
Key Tracks- My Guiding Light- Barb, Full of Love, Bethie’s Song
Dana Sr. Staff
April 20, 2013
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