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Genre: Instrumental-Rock
Label: Epic Records
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1. Unstoppable Momentum
2. Can't Go Back
3. Lies And Truths
4. Three Sheets To The Wind
5. I'll Put A Stone On Your Cairn
6. A Door Into Summer
7. Shine On American Dreamer
8. Jumpin' In
9. Jumpin' Out
10. The Weight Of The World
11. A Celebration
Joe Satriani
Unstoppable Momentum

Joe Satriani, the legendary rock guitarist, started playing guitar at age fourteen and began teaching guitar in the 1970’s. Some of his students went on to enjoy their own success such as Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye Blind, and David Bryson of Counting Crows. Satriani released his first solo album in 1986, and has since released two platinum and four gold albums and had a total of fifteen Grammy nominations. In 1996, Joe Satriani founded G3, an annual concert tour to feature three guitarists. In 2008, Satriani joined the supergroup Chickenfoot which consists of former Van Halen members, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Satriani has enjoyed much success throughout the years both as a solo performer and as a member of Chickenfoot. Now, he has released his fourteenth solo album, Unstoppable Momentum.
Unstoppable Momentum is a great name for this album as it has an enormous amount of energy and momentum from beginning to end. The album cover depicts Satriani playing guitar on the edge of a wooden stage in what appears to be some type of abandoned warehouse. Coming out from the guitar in different directions are bright red and orange colors suggesting the guitar is creating great amounts of energy. Along with Satriani are some talented musicians on Unstoppable Momentum; Mike Keneally on keyboard, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, and Chris Chaney on bass.
The first song on the album, “Unstoppable Momentum,” starts off the album with lots of energy. Satriani shows off his abilities on this track. When it comes to the guitar, Joe Satriani is one of the best and this track supports it. Vinnie Colaiuta does a great job on drums, and Mike Keneally and Chris Chaney give the song a nice touch.
“Three Sheets To The Wind” is a great song with its catchy riff that can be heard throughout the track. Keneally’s keyboard helps give the riff that catchy feeling. Colaiuta’s drumming gives the song a nice beat with a great solo about halfway, and Chaney keeps the song together with his bass playing.
The hard pounding “Jumpin’ In” is a great hard rock song. With its big heavy drumming provided by Colaiuta, and Satriani’s guitar playing, this song could be a hard rock anthem. Satriani’s guitar skills on this track are amazing and he shows why he is one of the best with these songs.
Joe Satriani is a legend on the guitar, and Unstoppable Momentum shows why he is. When it comes to the guitar, Satriani is one of the best, and with this latest release he shows no sign of slowing down. Any fan of Satriani will want to check out this album, and hard rock fans in general will want to check out Unstoppable Momentum.
Key Tracks: Unstoppable Momentum, Three Sheets To The Wind, Jumpin’ In
Craig Kidd - Staff
May 22, 2013
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