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Genre: Acoustic-Rock
Label: Independent
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1. Yes, You Are the Sun
2. Snow and Rain
3. There Comes a Time
4. But You Can Believe My Lies
Back to the Ocean
Yes, You Are the Sun

Back to the Ocean is not only a really good band name, but it is the alias of Polish singer/songrwriter and guitarist Agnieszka Olszewska-Kaczmarek. Based on her four-song EP, Yes, You Are the Sun, you should certainly be hearing a great deal more from Back to the Ocean in the future. It is hard to listen to it and not wonder why you haven’t already. 
Olszewska-Kaczmarek has been compared to such great female musicians like Melissa Etheridge and Tracy Chapman. It’s hard to put someone in such a category after just a few songs, but the potential is certainly there. On Yes, You Are the Sun Back to the Ocean shows strength in songwriting both musically and lyrically, but the obvious thing that stands out most is her voice. It is both unique and outstanding and is evident within moments of pressing play on “Ýes, You Are the Sun.” It is somewhat similar to Chapman’s, though I’d say I was sooner reminded of Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons. It just has fantastic depth and range, especially for a female vocalist. You must give it a listen to truly understand.
All of the tunes on Yes, You Are the Sun are in English despite Olszewska-Kaczmarek being Polish. And you would have no reason to believe it wasn’t her first language when listening to any of these songs. A song like “But You Can Believe My Lies” certainly shows that she is quite comfortable down to the cuss words in English.
Back to the Ocean performs as both a solo artist and as a band. When performing as a band Olszewska-Kaczmarek is joined by Joanna “Fela” Felczak (drums), Grzeogroz Kuks (guitars), Jacek Prokopowicz (piano/keyboard), Piotr Kuks (bass), and Natalia Winczowka (violin). Whether or solo or in group form I must highly recommend checking out Back to the Ocean be it recorded or live for a chance to see a star in the making.
Key Tracks: Yes, You Are the Sun, But You Can Believe My Lies
Kevin Kozel - Sr. Staff
July 3, 2013
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