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Genre: Hard Rock
Label: CME Records
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1. Still Here
2. Hands Up
3. Tied
4. The Wrong Side
5. Loose
6. Liberated
7. Opium Digs
8. Shotgun
9. Time
10. Skitch
11. Trust (Featuring Angelina DelCarmen)
12. Bad Mother
13. 6am Again (bonus track)
14. Devil Song (bonus track)

While everyone else is trying to be the next big indie rock band to come out of Brooklyn, it’s good to know that there are still some groups trying to make some good hard rock in New York City these days. Killcode is one such band. These five guys bring the rock on their debut, self-titled full length.

Killcode comes across as a band capable of touching on the full gamut of their genre. They frequently play a Southern infused metal style, but they also have tunes that are more traditional metal, hard rock, and even throw in a power ballad for good measure. The vocals are quality, the rhythm section is excellent, and the guitars are awesome. I was reminded of bands like Alice In Chains, Pride & Glory,  Corrosion of Conformity, and The Cult while listening to the dozen tracks (plus two bonus tracks), that make up the album.

The album opens with the single, “Still Here,” and it quickly displays the aforementioned Southern style. “Tied” has awesome chugging guitars and showcases just how huge a sound Killcode is capable of. I didn’t much care for the ballad, “The Wrong Side,” but it changes up the tempo nicely and shows a different side to the band. I preferred the second half of the album I think, which is surprising since most debuts try to start big and then fade due to lack of material. Not the case on Killcode. Songs like “Shotgun,” “Skitch,” and “Bad Mother” keep the latter half of this release just as strong, if not stronger than the first.

Killcode brings big guitars, catchy hooks, and an album’s worth of rockin’ songs on its debut full length. It’s songs like these that have resulted in them getting to open for acts like Godsmack and Sevendust already. An album like this will make sure they aren’t the opening act for very long.  

Key Tracks: Still Here, Tied, Skitch, Bad Mother

Kevin Kozel - Sr. Staff

September 12, 2013


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