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Genre: Rock-Psychedelic
Label: Cleopatra
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1. Fallen Angel STS-51-L
2. Joker's Song
3. Time Crypt
4. Galaxy Rise
5. Coming Of The Maya
6. We Ride The Timewinds
7. Eternity
8. Anti-Matter
9. The Visitor
10. Something's Not Right
Nik Turner
Space Gypsy

Despite being away from the band for decades, Nik Turner is still best known for his work with legendary rockers, Hawkwind. What some may not know, is that since then Turner has had a great solo career that has seem him release over ten albums under his own name and with various collaborators. The latest of those albums is Space Gypsy.

Space Gypsy opens with the fantastic “Fallen Angel STS-51-L.” The song is a jumble of synths, drums, guitars and vocals competing with each other to be heard and it sounds great. From there we hear “Joker's Song,” a track featuring some of Turner's trademark saxophone playing. Turner's sax is heard frequently on Space Gypsy. His long, sometimes meandering, solos can turn a good song in to a great one.

Not everything on the record is Turner's usual traditional weird and wonderful Space Rock style. “Galaxy Rise” really strips things back and uses much more understated backing. It's followed up by the album's centerpiece, another track with a more simple sound, “Coming Of The Maya.” The eight and a half minute epic is strange, hypnotic and sometimes a little bit unsettling. It's also undoubtedly the albums highlight. 

Space Gypsy is an odd record; the lyrics are bizarre and the music is a mish-mash of dozens of sounds and styles. But, when you listen to a Nik Turner recording, that’s exactly what you want. He might be coming towards the end of his career but Turner has proven here that he is still more than capable of making great, daring and exciting music. 

Key Tracks: Fallen Angel STS-51-L, Joker’s Song, Coming Of The Maya

James Hinton – Staff

September 26, 2013


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