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Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Independent
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1. With My Voodoo
2. Walk On By
3. Don't Come Home
4. Border Patrol
5. Save Me
The Voodoo Fix
The Voodoo Fix

The Voodoo Fix - The Voodoo Fix EP

With some exceptions, the today's alternative rock scene can be defined by its rejection of the blues; so the idea of a band trying to inject a blues feel back into that sphere is a novel one. With their new self titled EP this is exactly what The Voodoo Fix attempt to do.
 To the skate punks who make up alternative's core audience the blues is grandpa's music; it just sounds old-fashioned. To the old fogies out there who grew up on Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd the alt scene is a little too bland. The Voodoo fix have something to please both audiences; throughout the five original songs on the EP, the band (consisting of Abe Rivers on vocals and guitar, Scott Parrelli on guitar, Will Halsey on bass, vocals, and vibraslap, and Trey Astbury on drums and vocals) takes its rock inspiration from the heavily punk influenced modern rock scene, and its blues inspiration from the greats of yesteryear.
 The band's sound is guitar heavy, with convincing blues tone.   Although there is some fast finger work in parts, in general the lead playing on this EP won't be starting any fires; but the licks laid down keep the album interesting. The band varies their style from song to song: the opener, “With My Voodoo” would fit in well on classic rock radio, while “Don't Come Home” which presents a nice mix of punk and blues, and “Walk On By” are alternative radio ready; “Border Patrol”, with its lyrics about a drug run gone bad, has the makings of a cult classic, while the closer, “Save Me”, thanks to the introduction of a synthy guitar effect, is anything but your grandpa's blues rock.  
The Voodoo Fix are heavy into touring; taking a repainted old bus on the road across California and the southwest. Will they see aged, blues hungry biker dudes moshing along side nose-ringed skater punks at their shows? While old-timers might like to hear more of a focus on guitar solos, any fan of the genre, at this point, should be able to appreciate the merits of a blues rock album that doesn't use early Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck as a primary point of departure. As for the younger generation, this music introduces some desperately needed soul to the scene.   In any case, for their first release, The Voodoo Fix have created a genre bending EP with assets worth expanding on.        
Tim Madison – Contributor
October 15, 2009
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