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Genre: Instrumental-Rock
Label: Prime Time Music
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1. The Carpenters Tree
2. War
3. No Slumber
4. Freedom
5. The Awakening
6. Hero
7. All the Pretty Horses
8. I Have a Dream
9. Sing to Me
10. Sequel to the Server
Dean Shoultz
All The Pretty Horses

Dean Shoultz - All the Pretty Horses 

The name Dean Shoultz may not ring a bell or be mentioned in the same sentence as a Satriani or Vai but his music is close to being on par with those artists. The instrumental assault of the six-string is well documented by the aforementioned artists however above average musicians like Shoultz soon find their way to ears that are in the know.
All The Pretty Horses is comprised of ten self-penned compositions by Shoultz. The primary focus is instrumental rock that is more than just competent, it is excellent music played in a professional manner.
 It can be very difficult to keep a listener’s attention on any instrumental release, particularly with the younger set looking for some kind of storyline to follow. If you focus and listen to any instrumental track there is a story, you just have to let the music paint the pictures in your mind’s eye and you are off and running.
The first five tracks take you through an instrumental rock ride of varying shapes and colors until “Hero” kicks in and you may think you are hearing David Gilmour singing at first but quickly you are put on notice that this dude has his own sound and style even though he may remind you of someone else. Again it is more than adequate. His inner voice is inspired by Taylor Shoultz, his daughter. There is nothing like the love a parent has for a child and you hear it with plenty of emotion, not to mention the typically soaring guitar lines that are well established in every track including this one.
Just as you are completely mesmerized and rockin’ the house down Shoultz steps things back with the title track “All The Pretty Horses”. It starts off with a dreamy soundscape provided by an acoustic guitar then a piercing electric lead steps in to take you to the stratosphere of guitar hero land. Some history is throw in his music like using a snippet of FDR’s D-Day speech ect. on “War”. Then Martin Luther King comes alive again in “I Have A Dream”. On “Sing To Me” the only other vocal track, he initially sounds like Lou Reed then reverts back to more Gilmour like vocals. The closing curtain reverts back to what Shoultz does best, roaring all instrumental music. “Sequel to the Server” is an ode to his duties as a software developer. SQL (Structured Query Language) and server are common terms in IT for those of you that are not familiar. He lets it rip all out on this track throwing in some talk box to make it interesting.
Dean Shoultz is much more than a talented computer geek with a guitar. He is a fully fledged musician with enormous potential. Check out All The Pretty Horses and see for yourself.
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

November 30, 2009
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