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Genre: Pop-Rock
Label: Independent
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1. Find Your Way
2. Time to Let Go
3. Always Be
4. Drone
5. Done With You
6. Remember Me
7. Colors of You
8. Bounce
9. Apologize
10. Sunbeam
11. Blink of an Eye
12. Keep Movin'
13. Cast It Off
14. A New Page
Corrin Campbell
Game Night

Corrin Campbell - Game Night 

Hailing from  Minnesota, Corrin Campbell and her band, The Election embark on their first full length album, Game Night. Corrin, who served in the 1st Calvary Division and currently works with the Army Materiel Command Band has performed for the troops numerous times while drummer Tony Corbett, is a three time combat veteran.
It’s apparent Corrin is strongest when singing hushed, powerful melodies as on “Remember Me” and “A New Page” where her clear, grounded vocals match the pace of the song. There are several spots on the album however, where Corrin’s vocals fail to mirror the charging pace of the surrounding production values. Take for example “Find Your Way” and “Always Be” which is melodically substantial but is drowned out by charging instrumental values.
Corrine has a capable enough voice, yet she tends to stretch it beyond its range such as on the One Republic cover of “Apologize” where her ad-libs are strained, as are the polarizing combination of hard rock guitars and soft rock vocals. “Colors Of You” and “Blink of an Eye” also merge into this category.
Game Night is a varied record, but shows promise of what could be a great band when properly synched and ready to rock. A stand out quality of the record is the honest and personal lyrics that come across like pages from a diary such as on the memorable “Keep Moving.” Production values are also a powerful asset that if fine tuned to match Corrin’s vocal capabilities, would be able to make the mainstream take notice.
Rukshan Thenuwara – Staff
January 8, 2010
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