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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Grunge
Label: Go-DIY R

This music may not get you in the Xmas spirit but it sure will rock your soul!

Shred Rot, gotta love that name! It sounds like a death metal mind melting band doesn't it? Well, not quite. This a very young and talented band of young men that waste no time in showing off their talents with a variety of rock sounds that cover the areas of alternative and grunge. The lyrics are a riot as well. 

This is what happens when a band has fun, does not take it too seriously and really knows how to deliver the goods. Check them out now! Thier track "Hollow" was our Music Xray track of the week a few months ago so here they are again...lend an ear or regret it for the rest of your days!


Shred Rot's song "Hollow" was the song with the most added Radio Stations picked up for airplay this past week and received 515 spins from 100 actively monitored radio stations based in the US, Canada and Europe and broadcast worldwide. This chart is based on actual verified airplay spins for the week ending posting 11/29/2011. This chart is forwarded to various music related websites and magazines for publishing. Copyright 2011 Oline Radio Breakout Chart. All Rights Reserved.

ALSO: Shred Rot's music getting featured on The Underground Experience Radio Show in LA, California 11/23/11 and 11/24/11 along with Pillow Theory, Noah Silver, Sheldon Botler, Ben Fagan & The Holy City Hooligans & Shred Rot!
4pm - 5pm (PST) Wed., 11/23/11 (KCLA-FM) Listen Line 323 461 6675
9am - 10am (PST) & 9pm - 10pm (PST) Thurs., 11/24/11 (KLEDLive FM)
Show# 96 Broadcast
Take a look.

Also Shred Rot appeared on Band Aid with Doc Rock on 03/22/11. A recorded pod cast can be viewed online at . In case you missed the live show.

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