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Genres: Rock

The Televators have everything you could possibly like about rock. If you want hard rock, a fast paced atmospheric soundscape, a powerful female vocalist, and in general, music that will get your blood pumping or set your soul on fire...well this band can write the perscription you need to get you there. Let the Televators be your personal rock 'n' roll doctor, take the cure and give them a listen!

Artist Bio:

Televators is a band comprised of four musicians who have known each other for years and have actually worked off and on in several projects with each other on separate occasions. This is the first time they have fused together and...'KAPOW!' What chemistry! They instantly hooked in to each other's riffs and grooves. And this band has a solid groove with Jaime Flores at the helm. The groove gets deeper with the driving bass put forth by Keith Alan. Multi-talented David McCall plays all instruments, but primarily guitar. He has a great ear for hooks, arrangements and is the man behind the sound of this band. His lead guitar work is soulful and melodic. This is something you don't hear much in today's music. Last, Bex on vocals. She is influenced by everything from Ann Wilson, Billy Holiday to Maynard, Rob Halford and Robert Plant. The sound that these four put forth has heavy overtones of Zeppelin and Tool mixed with the depth of keyboard bands such as Depeche Mode and The Cure.

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