The Serpent and the Apple - Our Reverb Nation Featured Artist 

 The Serpent and the Apple Website

Genres: Alternative/Rock

Members: Joanne Togati-Voice, Keys, Eric Lemberg-Guitar, Keys, Production, Josh Pikulin-Bass, Ray Belli- Drums

Sounds Like: Gwen Stefani, Evanescence, Madonna, 311, Lana Del Rey

The name alone draws attention to them, The Serpent and the Apple. How can you not pull an audience in with a band name like that? It's the forbidden fruit, the danger zone, evil vs. good. All the things that music can be in one song. This band knows how to put together a good song that sounds fresh and inviting. Thier alternative rock tracks not only invite you in, they make you stay. Much like the serpent temptiing Adam and Eve in the ancient story of giving in to the lure of another's suggestion to just have a taste, you will come back for another bite. 

The Serpent and the Apple have everything going for them right now and if they can continue to record solid songs like the three you can listen to right now, watch out, they could be the next shooting star coming out of the alt rock scene.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Founder
October 28, 2012

Artist Bio:

In the fall of 2010, Joanne Togati put out a Craigslist ad in search of a guitarist. Eric Lemberg was just about to graduate with a music degree from the University of Miami, and saw that ad. He responded and soon after they were collaborating on many different styles. They were originally working together on folk songs with intimate lyrics that Joanne penned. Throughout the next several months they periodically wrote together, generally more based on the piano. In July of 2011 they were living in NY, and after a frustrating experience they had putting together cover songs for a top 40 band, they had a creative burst of material that established their style---Alternative/Rock music with an edge, attitude, melancholy, authenticity, and surrealness that felt strong and unique to them. 

The first song they wrote was "Into the Wild", and they also wrote "Crazy Lovers"..which while it wasn't about their relationship, it does describe their fearless pursuit of great original music, even when extenuating circumstances made it near impossible to even come together. They have been likened to Evanescence and Minus the Bear, with a vocal style similar to that of Gwen Stefani and Florence and the Machine. Joanne had been pursuing opera since the age of 15 and had started her operatic career at the same time that the band had come together. She was a young artist with Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble when she realized her true passion lay in creating her own path and her own music. Eric had his own ska band in highschool but had since given up the dream of ever having an original band again. Joanne helped him change that idea. They went through a series of bass and drum players in Miami and finally found the band members who made it work in NYC. Josh Pikulin and Ray Belli are both NYU students completing their degrees. Joanne Togati began her academic career at NYU, as well but went on to study at New World School of the Arts in Miami on a vocal scholarship. All the members of The Serpent and the Apple have such diverse backgrounds and that is their strength. Striving for excellence in their musicianship, with melodic choruses that make you want to sing, The Serpent and the Apple is so diverse in their approach to their writing, that it is exciting to hear one vocalist channel so many genres and pull it off. With a faithful Miami following and a budding NY following, The Serpent and the Apple continues to rock each town they play!

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