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Is there a better week than that of St. Patrick's Day to pay tribute to a band that is influenced by Celtic music from days gone by? We think not lads and lassies! The Wyld Olde Souls combine folk, rock, progressve and Celtic music into their musical pot 'o' gold with sweet enchanting vocals to grab you instantaneously and leave a lasting impression. Sit back and grab ye some refreshment and give an ear!

Genres: Other / Psychedelic Folk
Label: My Generation Productions
Management: Jason Grant

Artist Bio:
Psychedelic folk meets 12th century courtly love songs in a forest made of peacock feathers, velvet and innuendo. From New York City, The Wyld Olde Souls are a female-fronted psychedelic folk rock band who mesh medieval and indian music, creating an other-worldly sound that's all their own. With influences from Fairport Convention to Jefferson Airplane to Loreena McKennitt, The Wyld Olde Souls have been called "mysterious," "bewitching," "classy," "magical," and "transcendent." 10 years in the making, they will release their highly anticipated, full-length CD 'Ensoulment' in Spring 2011. Their 6-song debut 'Poems From the Astral Plane' (Parallel World, 2000) gained something of a cult status among European collectors of the femme folk psych genre. In addition to fervent reviews from Europe, the CD was endorsed by Tom Rapp, founder of legendary '60s psychedelic folk band, ESP-Disk recording artists Pearls Before Swine, who said, “It's good to see that someone is still exploring folk and psychedelia and doing it so well.” The Wyld Olde Souls recently opened for Grammy winner Roberta Flack at the Concert Hall @ The NY Society for Ethical Culture for the New York Celebrates George Harrison Concert, produced by Sid Bernstein (the man who brought The Beatles to America) and Flower Power Creative. They've performed at Webster Hall, Arlene's Grocery, Maxwells, CBGBs Gallery, Gaslight, Pagan Odyssey Festival, and more. The Wyld Olde Souls: Ivy Vale (lead vocals, guitar, hand percussion), Rick Reil (vocals, guitar, electric sitar), Melissa Davis (vocals, hand percussion), Kristin Pinell Reil (vocals, flute, guitar, mandolin), and Naren Budhakar (tablas). Rick Reil and Kristin Pinell Reil are also members of the critically acclaimed NJ psychedelic power pop band The Grip Weeds (Rainbow Quartz/Wicked Cool Records). Naren Budhakar has studied with tabla maestro Samir Chatterji and performed with Terry Riley, Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, Alms for Shanti, and La Monte Young.

"Reference wise The Wyld Olde Souls are to found located somewhere between the aural ley-lines that link together the likes of Men An Tol, the Owl Service and Circulus, possessed of a rare and bewitching sun turned psych folk alchemy the sounds are crafted in an all to ever declining timeless art that indicates an appreciative and richly woven centuries old archaic skill at work. ‘Take Me There’ sounds for all the world like a late 60’s hippy festival flashback that’s somehow recently awoken from a coma . . . softly draped in amorous swirls of lysergic tipped wooziness this quietly intoxicating brew has all the classic hallmarks of a prime era Jefferson Airplane shimmying with Nico replete with the delicate dinks of early career Porcupine Tree motifs all succulently awash in intoxicating pools of mind weaving prog-toned spaciness.  Classy."
- Losing Today, The Indie Music Magazine (UK)

“It's good to see that someone is still exploring folk and psychedelia and doing it so well."
- Tom Rapp, Pearls Before Swine

"New York's Wyld Olde Souls appear to have drifted in from a similar astral plane to our old friends Mary Jane: haunting ethereal mystical folk music led by female chant-song as atmospheric as a moth caught under a flickering gaslight on a stormy night and simply resonating with psychedelic Celtic harmony. “

- The Ptolemaic Terrascope, UK

"If Contemporary Renaissance was a category, that is where you would find Wyld Olde Souls. The female harmonies and plucked string performances, along with some heavy, ancient war drum percussion, create a mystic and magical folk sound.  It seems these Olde Souls are operating on an Astral Plane, and the results are a treat."

- Just Plain Folks, USA

"Their songs are some peaceful poems, a wind of feelings that give to the air the perfume of old centuries."

- Zoopa Loop, France

“The Wyld Olde Souls combine Celtic fairytale atmospheres, '60's folk psychedelia and exotic instrumentation . . . right out of Lewis Carroll's fantasy world. If this is a forerunner of a full-length album release we're in for a real folk MONSTER!"
- Crohinga Well, Belgium

"Delicious vocal harmonies assisting fresh folk melodies. Breezes of intense medieval spirituality and psychedelic threads woven with the exotic fibers of ancient popular instruments, a potion gently stirred by expert female hands . . . comes from New York but has a definite scent of England."
- Rockarilla, Italy

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