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Genres: Indie / Garage / Psychedelic
Label: Dancing Leper

Tokyo Raid's aggressive rock sound takes a page out of the days when garage bands and psychedelic sounds were ruling the airwaves. The difference is their music is made for listeners of 2012 that demand something different with energy and attitude - this band fits the bill. Check out their blend of indie rock and garage, you will be hooked in seconds!

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More About Tokyo Raid:

Serving up a ferocious, fuzzy, Rohyphenol-laced cocktail that fuels the bloody collision of neo-psychedelia, garage, post-punk and glam, San Francisco’s mercurial Tokyo Raid effortlessly pull off the difficult trick of being simultaneously iconic and fresh.

Formed in 2004 under the moniker The Mandarins guitarist/singer, Ben Utah mined influences ranging from T. Rex and The Kinks to The Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, and Spiritualized, to write and record 3 EP’s between 2005-2007. Guitarist Dean Taylor (Brian Jonestown Massacre) was recruited in early 2006 to record the “Cleopatra” EP with the band, along with guest performances by Dave Han (Astral/Foreign Cinema) and Cary LaScalla (Bellavista).

2008, saw a new line-up for the band and a name change that reflected their leaner, meaner sound. Tokyo Raid was born with Ben Utah (now on bass), Mike Thompson (drums) and Tim Kearney (guitars). Having spent a year away from San Francisco scene to relocate to the motor city of Detroit, Utah began penning songs that moved the band’s sound from traditional psychedelic and retro-jangle guitar stylings to a dark, raw mix of new wave, psyche rock and garage.

In 2011, Kearney was replaced with guitar/bass stylist Ty Gerhardt (The Girlfriend Experience, The New Day Breakers, Ing, Songs for Snakes, Cupcake). Bringing with him a new level of musicianship and broad, aggressive sonic palette, Gerhardt helped to further define and refine the band’s sound and the group quickly returned to Tiny Telephone to re-tool their soon to be released EP with engineer Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, 31Knots).

With the latest and greatest lineup firmly in place, Tokyo Raid’s sound, both in the studio and on the stage is as powerful and aggressive as it is engaging.

The SF Deli Magazine described a recent performance as:
“… an impressive set that fused the pulsing drone of Joy Division with blues-inspired psyche rock. Layered with aptly placed shrieks of feedback, Tokyo Raid bludgeoned the crowd with their wall of sound that eagerly awaited dissection." -Ada Lann, SF Deli

Tokyo raid is currently mixing their new EP slated to be released on the newly minted Dancing Leper label, with the first single “Indulgence” available on Rock Band Network for Rock Band 3. The band is currently touring the West Coast in support of the single.

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